An interview with a motivational, mindful and athletic Priyadarshini Mishra from Accenture.

Thank you for your patience! I planned to revert to you earlier but couldn’t find appropriate time due to work constraints. Please have a look at the answers to your questions and let me know your views.  

Tell us about yourself. 

Hi everyone, I am Priyadarshani. I have been part of the IT industry for more than 6 years and currently, I am working with Accenture. After spending a significant amount of my time in Delhi-NCR, I switched job and moved to Pune.

In addition to this, I am a volunteer editor at freeCodeCamp. The freeCodeCamp open source community runs medium’s largest technical publication with over 441K followers. Each week, they publish more than a dozen stories on development, design and data science. Since I was part of tech-world for quite some time and wanted to give back to the community, I signed up for this job.

Apart from all this technical work, I like to do creative stuff as well by consuming myself with colors/music/nature. Few such things are:

  •         Indian culture and diverse people inspire me a lot. My job took me to various parts of India, where language, custom, attire, and food change every 40 km. Gujarati & Punjabi culture inspired me the most and I passionately sing songs in these languages, even record sometimes.
  •         Painting is my another passion, I know 20 types of the embroidery design, cloth painting(fabric colors), net stitching, sculptures creation by POP and more.
  •         Practicing Yoga– the heart and soul of my lifestyle. It all started during my school time as a weekly activity and slowly Yoga became an integral part of my overall development.

My proud moments:

  •         Part of the editorial team (30 people around the world) for freeCodeCamp.
  •         Performed as a solo singer in the ATCI- H&PS  team during the yearly event.
  •         Submitted poster entry to create awareness of ocean plastic. Depicting the plight of ocean animals pictorially and presenting realistic (disturbing facts) associated with this issue. And I won the 2nd prize for my entry.
  •         I have represented my school at different Yoga events within and outside the city.

What has been your greatest achievement in terms of health and wellness?

It all started with a road trip – I like to meet new people and roam around whenever I get a chance. So, one summer I decided to visit a beautiful place called Kausani in Uttarakhand. While climbing up to see Rudradhari falls, I got tired too soon and realized I had no stamina to survive such physical pain. I discussed my weakness with one of my friends and he helped me pick a habit of running!

On my day 1, I ran for 500m and panted heavily! Slowly I started running longer distances and motivated myself with self-running targets. After 2 months of continuous practice, I signed up for ‘Runkeeper 5K Challenge’ and surprised myself by finishing the run in 40 mins.

Since then my journey of free running is on. Few of the running competition in which I participated are:

  •         Runkeeper virtual 10k run
  •         Great Delhi run -6k
  •         Reebok pump run -5k
  •         Delhi Pinkathon – 10k category
  •         Winning a month-long walkathon competition of walking 10,000 steps a day.

What is your health goal for this year?

Keeping my body in a healthy state is one of my greatest learning from life. I try my best to stay active throughout the day and indulge in healthy eating. Few of my goals for this year are:

  1.     Training myself for the 21k half marathon.
  2.     Learning a new sport, Tennis.
  3.     Doing light exercises for 30 mins every day.

How is this habit formation platform helping you in your everyday life? Any suggestions on how we could make your experience with it better?

Running is not just an activity it’s a mindset. I run when I am happy and even when I am stressed. It has increased my mental toughness and capacity to change myself every year. One quote that inspires me

most is: “A bad run is better than no run”

Zoojoo.Be- A perfect wellness platform!

It is always difficult to motivate and inspire people. ZoojooBe has done an amazing job by creating a platform where a lot of cooperate people interact and bring the healthy change. I personally like the ‘Dares’ and ‘Mindfulness’ sections. It’s fun picking up a dare for your friends and asking them to adapt to a healthy habit.

I month ago I got a mail in my Accenture inbox, it was about a wellness competition. I got excited about the contest and wanted to create a group as soon as possible. The app is quite interactive and it has user-friendly UX.

Listening to ‘Mindfulness’ sessions helped me improve my concentration. I can feel the impact of within 10 minutes of breathing exercise and the best part, you can do listen to it whenever u want, wherever you want.

Thank you for leading the change and taking care of 300,000+ people

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