In December 2014, we did a complete revamp of our platform by releasing a fresh new enhanced design along with a lot of new features enabling our users to keep up with their New Year resolutions, and more importantly to form great habits.

Today, we are happy to announce yet another new feature that has been frequently requested by our users – Create Custom/Personalized Challenges.

We had received tons of requests from users on our platform to give them the freedom to add their own customized challenges. After a lot of brainstorming sessions within the team, we came up with a plan to release this feature as early as possible and made it the highest priority of all.

Previously, we had a set of 27 challenges from which the user could choose to take them in their Mission. With the new release, users will be able to create challenges of their own choice, track them, and form them as habits.

Here’s a glimpse of it –

Create Challenge with Reminder

We have given users the option to keep the challenge they create as Public or Private. If you choose to keep it public, other users on the platform will be able to search for it and also see it the Friends’ stream. However, if you set it to private, the challenge will not be shown in the stream.

Please note: Setting it to private will only hide the challenge in the stream. The challenge, however, will be shown when the user types keywords that matches the challenge name.

We appreciate ours users coming back to us with their valuable feedback and requesting this feature to be implemented. Every feedback that we receive, be it good or bad, is valued. We make it a point to understand the feature requests or feedback we receive and do our best in helping our users lead a healthy life and form better habits.

If you have any inquiries, requests to make, want to give us a feedback, or just wanna say Hi, shoot us an email at We will be happy to hear you out.

What do you think?