Life is precious and we need to make the best of it. No matter what happens, there’s always time and a reason to make a new beginning. Most people prefer the New Year period to start afresh or make resolutions. Here is our take on the spirit of new beginnings.



Whenever you want to start a new, you may need to take lessons from and make peace with the past. No matter how bad things were, how to hurt you were, or how many failures you met – you’ve to forget them. Learn from your mistakes, and forget about them – though remember to not repeat them.
Forgive. To release yourself from the bondage of your mistakes, guilt, wrongdoings, and tortures of other people, forgive yourself and others. This frees us from a negative bond and gives us permission to move forward to start a new life.
Be Peaceful. A calm and composed mind helps us be peaceful and productive. Drop your tensions and don’t worry – that will only accumulate stress. Learn mind control and meditation.

One more step to attain peace of mind and move forward is to accept the past because you cannot change it. Accept yourself, your life and the circumstances, and try to make the best use of the resources at hand.
Understand. Know yourself better and try to understand other people and situations. Know your shortcomings and virtues, skills and abilities, interests and passion.
Be Positive. Some of you might have faced and lived in negativity. Violence, anger, greed, bad addiction, lust, and guilt are some negatives that you need to convert to peace, compassion, gratitude, good habits, love, and self-respect. Good and positive thoughts impact your actions. You can make a new beginning when you feel good about yourself.

Be ready to stop doing what you’ve been doing if it needs to be changed, and start with something new without any fear, even if it amounts to changing your lifestyle. Change may feel awkward and difficult at the start – it always is. But you need to push yourself to make it happen.

Choose a path, remain positive, have priorities, create a goal, and remain focused. Don’t let negative thoughts and emotions from your past disturb or deter you. Remind yourself to be strong and determined because the focus will help you achieve a good start to a new life.
Be Aware: 

Life is full of surprises. Opportunity may knock at your door anytime and you need to keep your eyes, ears, and mind open all the time.
When required, think of all possibilities, keep all options open, trust your instincts, and have faith in yourself. Trust that every moment has the potential to launch your life.
Take Risks: 

At every given moment you’ve many choices, and you choose one. The choice is always in YOUR hands.
Every moment with time, learning, and practice, you develop the wisdom and instincts to make the right choices. Always make the choice to cling with the right and good.
Make Efforts:

Keep trying and keep making efforts, none of them ever go waste. Develop an attitude to learn from every event, every person, every situation, and every failure. Treat everything as a blessing in disguise.
Expect the Best. No matter what, always have high expectations. Don’t compromise with something that you’ll not be happy with or something that you might regret later.

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