Short bouts of aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching in between conference calls and communicator chats can help improve fitness levels and heart health.When you’re working in an office all day, it can be hard to get the exercise you need. Sometimes, this lack of movement can lead to negative effects on the neck, back, legs, eyes and even arms. Here are some neck exercises you can do at your workplace.

Shoulder movement

Apart from giving your colleague a ‘shrug’ for that question he asked, there is not much shoulder movement that any of us do. But all of us carry our heavy laptop bags on our shoulder every day to work. This is a simple exercise and does not require much effort.

  1. You may either stand up for a moment or if you are in a comfortable position, where your hands and legs are relaxed, you can continue sitting while doing this exercise
  2. Place your hands on the desk, parallel to each other
  3. Move your shoulder in circular motion
  4. Do two sets clock wise and two anti-clock wise

Chin roll

Along with your back, your neck is the worst hit body part while you sit in a crouched position on your desk. To relax your neck and give it a break from that dropped position, all you need to do is the following-

  1. Gently drop your neck to feel a stretch at the back of your neck, and close your eyes
  2. Place your hands in the same position- on your desk, parallel to each other, with palms facing the table
  3. Gently move your neck to create a ‘O’ with your chin
  4. Two sets clock wise and two sets anti-clock wise

Side neck movement

This is one of my favourite exercises while on my desk. Nothing gives me more relief than the diagonal neck drop. All you need to do is-

  1. Relax your shoulders
  2. Bring your hands closer to your body and take a deep breath
  3. Gently drop your neck on the left shoulder to feel a subtle pull or stretch on your right
  4. Repeat the same by slowly dropping your neck on the right, to feel a gentle stretch on your left

While performing this exercise, you need to take it slow and ensure that you don’t sit with ‘drooped’ or ‘dropped’ shoulders.

Up and down

You look down in desperation and up for help! But here, we’ll be looking up and down both for help. Again, while performing this exercise, you need to be very gentle on yourself and not rush into completing or ‘getting over with’ it.

  1. Move a little away from your desk
  2. Place your hands on your lap, with palms facing downwards. This helps give your shoulder a comfortable position and back is relaxed too
  3. Slowly drop your neck to feel a stretch or pull at the back
  4. Lift your chin until when your neck appears to lie in between the shoulders and gives you a gentle stretch in the front.

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