Meet this multitalented associate from Unisys, Somashekhar Paple, who has extremely diversified hobbies. He goes on long drives, treks, builds his own pre-amplifiers while also enjoying his profession. He just does not stop with that, he goes on to build his car’s grill in mesh, as a DIY effort. In short, cars, photography, music and travelling are his fascinations in life. Read on to know more about this interesting engineer.

Tell us about yourself.



I  am a guy who likes to think that he is as unique as anyone else.


What are your favourite hobbies and how do you make time for all of these.

Hobbies: Trekking , Long drives, Photography [a hobby that is an offshoot of another hobby-Traveling to beautiful places] and spending time on Do It Yourself- DIY ideas [Audio, Car mods etc].

How to make time for these : Don’t go shopping or eating out during free time/holidays/weekends.



         Dawn  at Rameshwaram

The beauty of Kashmir

   The beauty of Kashmir


Who is your greatest inspiration in life and why?

Living Legends :

Richard Branson –he represents wealth, adventure and fun.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – he represents fitness and dedication.


What is your health and wellness goal of 2016? 

Stay healthy and happy, travel as much – these are not just for 2016  but for the rest of my life.


How well do you handle stress? Has taking time for your hobby helped you in  reducing stress?

Stress leads to demotivation. Surprisingly, I find that putting your head down and concentrating on your work at hand helps tremendously. I know it is difficult but that’s what helps!

Taking time for hobby!!?  I can never afford to do one and not do the other. To me, both go together.


Share a beautiful memory of your childhood that is associated with your hobby.

Music!! My dad used to play ‘Electronic Music’ from late 1970s – Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder [this was in early 1990s]. This got me hooked to music and to techno genre in particular. Even now I listen to ‘The Man Machine’ and ‘From Here to Eternity’.


The Pre-Amp that he built

      The Pre-Amp that he built


Do you have a personal goal that motivates you to get fitter? Like improving your stamina for going on a trek?

I do not have a personal goal to get fitter; I believe in being fit as a way of life. Also, I just like lifting weights.


If we asked you to motivate one person to be more healthier/fitter what exactly would you tell him/her?

Get off your seat and start training, if you really want to enjoy your life.


P.S : All images are subject to copyright, courtesy Somashekar Paple.


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