We met up with this bunch of energy from Unisys, a Quality Analyst by profession and a traveller by heart. In this fun interview with her, she opens up about her dancing skills, love for pets and her extreme bias towards shoes! No wonder she owns 35 pairs of them 🙂

Tell us more about yourself.

I work for Unisys as a quality analyst and I am a total believer of “Imagine It, Do It!”.  I love dancing, travelling and photography (as well as posing for photographs 😀 ) .


What exactly does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

 For me work and personal lives are entirely different; I would like to keep them tangle free. I believe we shouldn’t let them cross each other’s path. I don’t remember having opened my laptop after my office hours and neither do I think about my personal stuff at work. It works best for me.


If we asked you to motivate one person to be more healthier/fitter what exactly would you tell him/her?

The same thing that I tell myself. This is the body I live in, and it is going to be my home for the next 60 years. So make it, decorate it, feed it right. Do everything to make it look like how you want it to. Pamper it,love it and take care of it.

Step into your favorite pair of shoes and go for a walk.  Buy your favorite makeup. Do things for yourself. Stay healthy and do everything you have always wanted to. I would also like to quote something that is dear to me, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid!? Do it! “


What is your health and wellness goal of 2016? 

Okay, so my 2016 goal is to get those abs which I’ve always wanted. Also, a glowing face because of a healthy diet and not through any kind of makeup.


What is your work around for fading motivation to do something?

My first step towards that is to write down my promise somewhere and keep looking at it. If it doesn’t work, I just close my eyes and see myself in perfect health and shape. This is my way of having the greatest energy to do something. It gives me the immediate, required push.


Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

I can’t name anyone in specific, I meet a lot of people and they all inspire me in their own ways. There are so many things to learn from everyone around us. When I read articles or books, even the characters in them inspire me.


Could you share a few of your favourite achievements?

Some of my favourite moments would be when I won my first medal in swimming, took part in an obstacle run and finished 8 out of the 10 obstacles , the first 18 km trek I went on and the award as an outstanding test engineer.


What is that one hobby that you really enjoy doing? 

Travelling is something I enjoy the most and I keep planning my travel whenever I can. I am also in love with the idea of eating. I am a foodie, I eat a lot but then make sure I sweat it out too. My other idea of a perfect time-pass is shopping, of course! 🙂


Do you have a personal goal that motivates you to get fitter? Like improving your stamina for going on a trek?

Again, its travelling, and the urge to look fit and stay beautiful. I wish to see myself as a travel writer, exploring the world , writing about my experiences and having my own travel blog, someday!


If you had a soundtrack to your life what song would you exactly play?:D

Oh! I am not sure if there is any soundtrack that would perfectly demonstrate my life. But I am day dreamer, so it would be Paradise by Coldplay.


What would you like to tell other women of your age!?

You are Beautiful 🙂


And oh, Manisha is also a to-be-bride. So join us in wishing Manisha the happiest of married life, and the best of what life has to offer!



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