Meet Mohammed Asif, one of our most engaged users from Mindtree Ltd, who shares his ideas and views about lifestyle and

Mohammed is an IT employee from Mindtree and we recently interacted with him for a quick interview byte. He is someone who believes in the concept of a “healthy lifestyle” and a “happy living”.  Excerpts from his interview here:

1.Tell us a little more about yourself and about what motivates you to have a better lifestyle?

Asif: I have been working for Mindtree Ltd from the past 2.5 years.I am a huge fan of Computer games; RPG/FPS games are my favourite.Technology has always fascinated me and more recently, the technology of the wearable ones. I believe technology is already playing a major role in changing our daily life. The platform is one of them where you use the technology to your advantage to improve your fitness and monitor your health. It is also so much fun competing with your friends.

2.What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you possess? How does it help you on a day to day basis?

Asif: One of the best habits I possess is drinking a lot of water early in the morning which has scientifically proven benefits. I started following this recently after reading the post on to “Go big on glasses” every single day.

3.How do you deal with conflicts of interest between your heart and brain?When your brain pushes you to  keep up with your habits and your heart just tells you to laze around?

Asif: When it comes to deal with conflicts of interest between your heart and the brain,I always go with the brain because I prefer trusting something that has been evolved over millions of years than going for something blind over an emotion. And it really helps me handle all my fitness regimes diligently.

4.How do you find a better work life balance when you have a huge list of things-to-do?

Asif: When I have a huge list of things-to-do, I compare for the things that compete for my time, and decide what to keep and what to discard. I try to focus on the things that are important to me, and don’t do the extraneous stuff.

5.What is the one thing you wish you'd formed a habit of but still in the process of doing so?

Asif:I always wanted to form a habit of getting up daily early in the morning and do physical exercise or workout in gym, but I always find the gravitational pull from my bed to be the strongest in the morning:P. It is something I have been battling hard against and slowly cracking the code.

6.And how do you handle it?

Asif: I am still in the process of forming the daily routine but I try to work out atleast 3 days a week; one of the tricks which really helps me get up early in the morning is by placing my alarm far enough away from my bed that I have to get up from my bed and move, covering up the snooze button someway, or otherwise creating any obstacle for myself that prevents me from slipping back off to bed. This seems really frustrating for some days but then you will get used to it eventually and it really really helps.

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