Meet Manu Agarwal , the super athlete from Sapient.

  1. Tell us about yourself

    I am a bit confused about where to start from while discussing my journey. One can say it was in my blood. However, the enthusiasm to indulge in healthy habits were long lost. I had been a chap who used to be carefree and happy. I actively participated in all kinds of academic as well as sports competitions, especially group activities which I loved the most. I was a person who used to push my friends and acquaintances for more of physical activities, meditation and stuff like those. Those days I had a slogan – “Tensions are to be given, not to be taken for a strong mind”. Lucky to be born in late 80’s, I had seen and enjoyed more space, social life and played in the mud and less exposed to virtual gaming platforms. My father was a big time Yoga practitioner and did so for more than 3 decades without a miss. From him, it passed on to me and I also practiced “Yoga Asanas”, “Jal Neti”, “Sutra Neti” and “Meditation” for about a decade. Thereafter, since I had a love for armed forces which I acquired from my brother, I went into games and athletics. I had a daily routine 6.5 K.Ms run, 15 K.Ms cycling, 1500 skipping and few chin-ups and push-ups.

 Every year we used to have a family trip to nearby hill stations which had us do a lot of hiking.

I used to play games like volleyball, football, cricket, basketball, badminton, lawn tennis, chess and many more. I became a jack of all trades and the master of none. Back in 2008, I injured my left knee while playing football. It was a partial knee ligament rupture. Hence, I had to quit all my physical activities.

It was the saddest period for me as I could not do all those things which I loved and worshiped. But with my physiotherapist’s suggestions, I slowly picked up on my daily activities after year-long break. I did cut all the weight I put on in this gap. I was back in the routine.

This happiness was short lived because this time again I twisted my right leg ankle while playing basketball. It was again a ligament rupture. This time it was 2013.

This break was long, not just because of the injury but also due to the life style I had adapted to, back then. There was a critical project at hand and there were longer stays and working hours at office. I tried joining the gym at my office thrice but hardly could be regular to it.

With passing time in order to achieve my career goals, unknowingly I was dragged away from my personal goals. I gained weight, got lazy and lost enthusiasm and aim in life. There were other pressures which began showing. The guy who was once a free-willed man, now suddenly fell and was trapped by bad habits. Initially, I rejected the theory of bad activities becoming a habit. but things did not turn around according to me. Though I controlled myself a lot of drinking and smoking, they became part of my habits. Drinking was still occasional but smoking became regular.

On one side, i was going away from healthy habits and on the other side, bad habits were eating me up from me from within. I became a prisoner of my own deeds.

It took a lot of will power to come out of it. I want to share my life-changing incident that happened recently.
Last month I was on a road trip with my friends to Dhanaulti. Things were going as we planned and it became a golden memory in our minds. While on a trek I realized that I have lost all the stamina once I possessed. My heart was beating the hardest it could, to pump the maximum blood, my lungs were like crushed inside, breaths were heavy, legs had early cramps and my head was short of oxygen. It was an eye opening moment for me. I pledged myself to never to smoke again. And till date I haven’t touched a cigarette. I have also given up on all other bad habits like staying up till late night, less sleep, long sitting on chairs, taking 7-8 cups of coffee, fast food, oily snacks and others.

To my good fortunes, your amazing platform had given me a ray of hope. I am trying my best to get back into my healthy habits and again gaining peace of mind and sense of achievement.


2. What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you possess?

Physical activities and Meditation. A healthy body has a Healthy Mind and a Healthy mind has healthy habits.

3. If you really had to look up to someone at work for his/her wellness ideas and how well they can pursue it, who would you name and why?

There are many examples around like my colleagues Himanshu Choudhary, Prabhat, etc. After long working hours, they take out time for the gym. Either it’s early morning or late night, they have set up a daily target. They also show a great control over what they eat and drink. They had set their priorities.

4. What in your opinion is a perfect kind of lifestyle?

A balanced lifestyle is where one has a space for everything and things are in his/her control. It is not depriving oneself of goodies, but balancing out needs with wants.

5. A What does work-life balance mean to you? Your interests beyond work and how do you find time to pursue them? What is the typical kind of stress-buster for you?

To me, work life balance means the synchrinization between career goals and personal goals. Success is not just achieving heights in career, it’s giving oneself the sense of fulfillment.
My interest beyond work is lending a helping hand in the household chores and reading articles on different subjects. To achieve this I try to complete my office tasks in the office itself and don’t carry work back to my home.Typical kind of stress-buster for me is solving puzzles, riddles.

6. Who is your greatest inspiration in life and why?

My greatest inspiration in my life is my Father because what he has achieved in his life with limited resources and on his own, which is remarkable. Whatever we are today is his handiwork and dedication.

7. How is is helping you handle all your health goals? We’d love to hear a few nice words from you about is an amazing platform where one can add his/her habits and track it on daily basis. One can modify his boosters and trigger points and can totally adapt to his/her taste.

8. What is that one hobby that you really enjoy doing? Have you missed it dearly or do you actively do it every day? Please share pictures of those as well.

Drinking Water. It is one thing everyone misses out unintentionally. I do it actively and always carry a water bottle along.

9. What gives you the push to do the things that sometimes maybe difficult for you?

I look at myself in future (after 10 years), this gives me push to do things that sometimes maybe difficult.

10. Do you have a personal goal that motivates you to get fitter?

Yes. I want to possess all my strength once again. I want it back desperately.

11. If we asked you to motivate one person to be healthier/fitter what exactly would you tell him/her?

Life is once, you live once. Why to waste yourself in the dirt and miss all the fun?

12. What’s your favorite comfort food/ holiday destination?

Favorite comfort food is “chappati and dal/ Egg burji”. Holiday destination is any hilly regions.

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