Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Crisanjoy Sto.Tomas, an associate from HPE Philippines, who has been in the customer service industry for over 6 years. In this quick interview with her, she talks about her dream of running marathons and setting her own personal records when it comes to running. She also opens up about her struggles in battling little temptations such as alcohol and smoking and her slow, steady journey to a happier and a healthier life.

Two years ago I decided to change. Change to a healthy me. I started to quit vices such as alcohol and smoking. I got a day job instead of night shift, and the greatest part of this change is that I have the chance to spend and enjoy time with myself and my family.

 What is your health and wellness goal of 2016 ?

To be more light footed and faster. I am currently 57kg. I want to reach 50kg and planning to tone my body too!

You love running…What motivates you to wake up from bed everyday for that run?

Running early in the morning gives me a good rush and a mental state of mind to have a great day ahead.

What do you enjoy the most about running? And how has it helped you to live the day better?

 I enjoy the fact that I can run as far and as fast as I can. This has also helped me to change my working lifestyle (giving me more energy); I can now work fast and finish more things.

 What are your other interests outside of work? And how well do you manage time to pursue those interests?

 Now, I just love to run and work out, and spend time with family. If I am not running or working out at the gym, you’ll find me home early.

How is helping you handle all your health goals?

 I can monitor my habits and it’s great that I can receive reminders as well. So cool! Thank you for adding that option :).

 How do you think the idea of pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle be made more fun and exciting?

 Well, being active and healthy can somehow be exhausting especially for people who want results right away. But actually, working hard for a healthy and active lifestyle is the best thing to do. It maybe tiring initially but fulfilling for sure. It needs time but you’ll be able to enjoy every minute especially if you’ll do things in fun and exciting ways. You can always bring your friends and family for company.

You also have healthy eating habits other that having a fitness regime. While a lot of people are struggling to achieve such habits, what would be your words of wisdom to such people?

 In Filipino term, “Masarap ang bawal” means we enjoy eating unhealthy food more than healthy ones. French fries, burgers, ice cream, soft drinks, name it-Fun but not healthy at all. We should start taking care of ourselves, and getting started on a healthy eating habit will make our lives happier and even longer.

 Since you are into running, do you also run marathons? Have you done them before or is it something you are looking forward to do in the future?

I haven’t tried the full marathon yet (though planning to join an event in 2018), most of the time I either do half mary or 21k. The reason I haven’t tried the full marathon yet is because I want to have a 30min time goal in a 5km run as my personal record. Currently my PR is 35 minutes 🙂 

 Finishing a 21K

HPE Run 2016

   HPE Run 2016

If you had a soundtrack to your life what exactly would it be?

I actually don’t have one, but I guess I’ll pick the running man challenge song “My boo” or “Footloose” 😀

 Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Being healthy is not just about good looks or lifestyle, we should also be healthy emotionally and spiritually. And we can do it by being positive and putting God in everything. Yes, I know that being positive or happy might not be possible in all occasions but we can surely lessen bad vibes and stress in life by thinking about the good side of everything. 
She and her colleagues at work have teamed up to created their own version of the 90 Day Fitness Challenge to encourage other people to catch up with their fitness. They do quick workouts in the office whenever they catch up with some free time.

   90 Day Fitness Challenge

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