Meet Ankit Bhattacharjee, an IT professional from Mindtree. In a quick interview with, he shares his obsession about being healthy and about how he follows diligent workout regimes and healthy diet patterns with ease.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I am a simple and hardworking person who despises sitting idle above all. I have an obsession for staying healthy.

What are you really passionate about in life?

I am passionate about a few things like my work, cooking, reading and travelling. All of the three requires a healthy mind. As they say, a healthy mind only resides in a healthy body, I feel the need of a healthy body every day. This pushes me more and more towards taking care of myself.

What are your interests outside of work? 

Outside work, I am interested in cooking, reading, watching movies, travelling and in any kind of physical sports.

What does work life balance mean to you? How exactly do you handle it?

 For me, work life balance me is “When in Rome behave as a Roman”. Generally, I refrain from mixing my life outside office with the one within. I make sure I find time for myself every day and in that time, no thoughts about work enter my mind. Similarly at office, I do not entertain any domicile thoughts unless it’s a major priority.

 What is your health and wellness goal of 2016? How  is helping you stay fit and healthy.

I have no health goals as such. Maybe my goal is to be consistent with my habit of staying healthy. has been helpful in the way that they have highlighted and elaborated the need of some really simple day to day activities which otherwise many overlook. These activities are really instrumental in taking care of our health even when we are having a very tight schedule.

What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you posses?

According to me to me, my healthiest habit is having proper amount of food intake and an equivalent amount of work out.

How do you think the idea of a healthy active lifestyle can be made more fun?

Honestly, I have no idea. The only way it can be fun is if one understands the need of it and has the mindset to sacrifice some greed for a greater good.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to everyone else?

Don’t be lazy. Eat only as much as you need, not more and not less. Neither over eat nor go hungry. Lastly, be it any sort of outdoor games or gymming or swimming or just walking; just make sure to be consistent with it and do it regularly.

The health and wellness goals can have a lot overlap with your hobbies. Where exactly do you see the overlap?

 I feel they complement each other because of the feel good factor they bring in me. Feeling happy and peaceful goes a long way in motivating us to live a healthy life.

Most importantly, how well do you take care of yourself!:D 

 I eat every 3 hours. Never to the fullest but I take care I am never empty. I carefully draft my diet so that it is balanced. I hit the gym regularly and also indulge in the luxury of adequate amount of rest.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that is always on your mind? 

 “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.- Buddha”





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