Meet Swathy, a crazy Bangalorean who believes in living for the moment. Besides being a health enthusiast, she loves indulging in classical singing and dancing. She loves kids and is a volunteer for an organisation that aims at making cancer patients smile and laugh. She is also a pro at managing work life balance. A true inspiration to all the young women out there! Read on to know what makes her different.

Tell us about yourself.

If this is gonna be too formal then my answer is, I am a Bangalorean, finished 10th in 2011 and second PU in 2013. Right now I am pursuing my final year graduation (BBM) through distance education and I have 2 years of experience, Unisys is my second company. Prior to this I was working in Firstsource Solutions as Senior customer service associate.

Besides, I am a crazy Bangalorean, I am open minded and friendly to everyone.

What are you really passionate about in life?

I am very lazy, but if I have some work assigned to me, no matter how simple or complex it is, I am very passionate about making it perfect. Apart from that I love cooking. I keep browsing new recipes and love feeding my family.

What are your interests outside of work?

I am a classical singer, a Volunteer of an organization called ‘CLOWNING’ (We go meet cancer patients especially kids, once in a week either in St. John’s hospital or in Kidwai Hospital. We paint our faces and carry toys for them. Our ultimate goal is to make them laugh and smile). I love acting and dancing. If I get a chance I would definitely pursue my career in Film industry 😀

What does work life balance mean to you? How exactly do you handle it?

I had lot of difficulties in the initial days, since I started working at a very young age (18). It was too hard for me to fulfill the expectations at my work because I was competing with people who were much more experienced and qualified than me. And almost every day used to be nightmare and I used to carry that frustration home and you can assume what might have happened, I was not able to focus on my studies and I kind of thought I was pressurizing myself. I had no social life what so ever and my life was too monotonous. Slowly I started showing some improvement in work and things started getting better, even at home. And slowly I started to handle things myself and also decided not to carry any kind of fuzz from work to home. So now things are smooth and I am strong enough to deal everything by myself.

What is your health and wellness goal of 2016? How is helping you stay fit and healthy.

Well, first of all  I have to say is an amazing website. My health goal and wellness goal of 2016 is to eliminate all kind of junk food and consuming healthy stuff. I wanted to do this from a long time but it was hard to control my eating habits. When I saw, the page design and the facts mentioned there made me realize that I was on the wrong side and I was able to get a hold of it. Also, next time I think about over eating or eating junk, I think of ’cause it keeps a track of me. I did not want my stats to look bad so I actually changed my food habits and I am grateful to

What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you posses?

The healthiest habit I possess is I am very clean. I like everything around me neat and tidy, be it at home, work or anywhere I go. I hate littering in public and I hate people who do so. So my opinion on being clean is that it’s good for yourself and also good for people around you. So one should never compromise on hygiene.

How do you think the idea of a healthy active lifestyle can be made more fun?

I would like to share my own experience, When I decided to include some physical activity in my daily routine like walking, yoga, exercising, etc, I got very bored. I could not stick to it every day so I gave up. Once I was browsing youtube and I found a Zumba fitness video, And they totally pulled it off, that fitness regime was so good that I started following it. Then one day I tried to follow an Aerobic video and even that was awesome, it was so much fun and I also realized how good my body felt after the activity. The best part is you don’t even feel like you have exercised but rather practiced some good moves.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to the women of your age?

Well, lead your life independently and don’t compromise  your happiness for anything. If you wanna do something and you feel it’s right then do it no matter how many are against you, because the only person you should be pleasing in this world more than anyone else is YOURSELF!!

How is helping you handle all your health goals? is helping me watch my daily habits like drinking water, eating fruits and eliminating junk and so on. The best part is that it reminds me on a daily basis. So I would definitely recommend everyone to use

The health and wellness goals can have a lot overlap with your hobbies. Where exactly do you see the overlap?

Most of the time I am not good at both of them. When I have leisure, I’ll have a hard time in making choices between my hobbies and fitness goals and I end up doing nothing. So it’s important to create goals in all areas of your life: career, personal, business, family, hobbies, health and fitness.  Make sure they are congruent.

Are you married? If yes, how do you balance work, life and marriage.

I am happily unmarried.

Most importantly, how well do you take care of yourself? 😀

I pamper myself a lot, if I feel sad about something or if something bad happens unexpectedly then I make sure I pamper myself. I go out for a movie alone, I eat my favorite food and make sure by the end of the day I am totally feeling better . And I never go against my decisions. So I am the best one to take care of myself 😛

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that is always on your mind?

This is one of my favorite quote:

“ A women who follows the crowd will usually go nowhere, A woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

What do you think?