Memory foam is the moniker given to a synthetically manufactured polyurethane product that has been converted into a highly dense foam. While it may not sound that sleep worthy at first, it is considered to be one of the most sought after mattress and pillow materials out there. It was originally discovered by a NASA contractor researching into higher cushioning safety using a material called Visco Elastic. This foam basically reacts to high densities and temperature to contour itself to the shape of the body over a span of a minute or two.

Pillows of this material are usually designed to contour themselves according to the neck and head of the person using them. These properties make it very attractive for anyone with neck issues or back problems. These pillows, however, are not everyone’s cup of tea. There are a number of personal sleeping preferences that make up the kind of pillow you may prefer. There are many that believe memory foam pillows are the best bet out there, while others have different opinions altogether.

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Here are some disadvantages of using a memory foam pillow:

No Breathability

One of the biggest disadvantages of memory foam is that it retains heat and has little to no space for air circulation. This can lead you to sweat a lot and be uncomfortable through the night. However, there are different pillowcases and trimmings that are available to make sure your memory foam pillow does not go to waste. However, if you are really heat sensitive this may not be a good idea. Try and keep your room temperature cool, and invest in thick pillowcases to help with the breathability of your pillow.

Fixed Height

These pillows usually can be very uncomfortable for those who toss and turn a lot through the night. If you are going to be sleeping on your back, and progressively your side and then your stomach through the night, the restrictive height of the pillow can cause additional problems to your back. Because the foam is slow to recover and return to its natural state, the change up may be uncomfortable and lead you to waking up.


Many people that use memory foam complain of a strong chemical smell that it brings with it. This is known as off-gass, where a freshly opened pillow smells of chemicals, basically the stuff that it is made of. This smell will dissipate over time, if you are still disturbed by it, try keeping it out in the open for a couple of days before using it.

Advantages of memory foam pillows:

Aligns Your Spine

The attribute of memory foam is to contour itself according to the shape of the body. Because of this, it provides the perfect support to your neck and head, making sure they are perfectly aligned with the spine. This ensures that you wake up refreshed and spasm free. Memory foam becomes the best kind of cushioning for your neck, adapting to your shape and position and ensuring you are well supported.

Not Lumpy

One of the biggest problems of pillows is that they often tend to be too soft, too hard, or just too lumpy. There is no such problem with a memory foam pillow. They will be even, with just the right give and provide the sleeper complete head support. The smoothness of these pillows can always be adapted to your comfort by using the right covers to help aid your sleep.


The biggest advantage of memory foam pillows is that they are very durable. Because of their inorganic origins they can last for many years without too much wear and tear. Moreover, they come in a variety of contours suited to many sleeping positions.

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