Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Your parents may have signed you up for swimming lessons or guitar classes. Or one of your best friends may have joined summer camp and you decide to join too! Maybe during college you were bombarded with advertisements to join an endless number of clubs and you find out what you’re really passionate about, maybe it was a sport or cooking or even great at organizing committees or planning a really important event or party! When we leave these things behind as we grow up and begin working full-time, then get married, perhaps have children, the opportunities or even reminders to pursue hobbies are virtually gone.

However it’s still important to revive your hobbies and interests. The easiest thing to do when we get home from work is to park ourselves in front of the T.V. Everybody does it. But nurturing your interests and forming your goals during your spare time, towards your hobbies can be extremely rewarding. So getting back to your hobbies is important and here’s why:

HOBBIES ENRICH YOUR PERSPECTIVE: It’s always a good thing to discover yourself through your hobbies. Once you start getting back into those hobbies, you might discover something new or find an opportunity to challenge yourself. This enables character building and is great for seeing the world through a different set of eyes.

HOBBIES MAKE YOU MORE INTERESTING: This is great for almost any hobby. If you love to travel, people will be glued to your stories at any party. If you love to read, your newly found insight from a book can set your conversation aside from everyone else’s and you could become the perfect recommendation king or queen.

HOBBIES BUILD SELF ESTEEM: Developing your hobby and with the small improvements you make, week to week ,maybe with knitting or cooking or playing an instrument  can give you one solid thing to feel good about. If baking is your hobby, then you might have a lot of food after your baking session, so instead of filling your mouth with it, and feeling bloated, maybe you could take it to the office and become the pastry guru. That’s defiantly going to leave feeling happy!

HOBBIES CAN RELIEVE YOU FROM STRESS:  A great way to escape a bad day or a long one is through your hobbies. You can forget about a bad meeting at work or a fight you had with someone while you sing or dance. Engaging in your hobbies continuously can become your safe place to relax and breathe.

HOBBIES REDUCE BOREDOM: Boredom can become your worst enemy.It could make you socially dependent on beers or pizza simply because it’s something to do while you watch a game on TV. So instead of coming home to bad habits induced by boredom, spend time maybe taking a YouTube class on how to improve your art/craft or how to can products from your garden.

HOBBIES KEEP YOU YOUTHFUL: Perhaps you wouldn’t feel this way right  now but establishing your hobbies today, even if they might vary as we grow older, can become really crucial and life changing once you hit retirement.  Healthy habits make happy seniors as they lead a meaningful and active lifestyle and have social outlets to share their hobbies.

So kick start and become a hobbyist today and you’ll see that the small things you do today will make a BIG difference later.

What do you think?