What are the top 3 habits that you follow?

1. Walking – I go on regular walks
2. Talking to friends and family – I catch up on a weekly basis
3. Reading – I follow a yearly challenge on the number of books to read
What in your opinion is the idea of healthy mind and body? What are the habits that you pursue to ensure a good mind-body balance?
Spend a lot of time reading.  Keep away from mobile at least 2 hours per day.
What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance? (Hobbies/ Mindfulness practices etc). Anything that works for you and why?
Identify and prioritise your important tasks for the day and complete that first. That helps you attain work life balance.
How do you rate your experience with Zoojoobe so far?

 8 out of 10

What do you think?