Meet Nilesh Labhe, who has formed healthy habits and thus a great lifestyle with Zoojoobe.

1. Tell us something fun and interesting about yourself.
  • For me health Fitness and wellness is a lifetime commitment.
  • At the same time I like to help more and more people to join in the mission of Changing people’s life healthwise

2. What are the 3 habits in your life that you are proud of?

i) Waking up early @ 5 AM. I can proudly say that I belong to the #5amclub

ii) Following daily rituals : Meditation, Reading Good books, Positive mindset and eating healthy food

iii) Living a healthy Active Lifestyle – taking stairs, walking etc.

3.  What is your favourite hobby? And how has it effectively helped you find a good mind-body balance?
  • My favorite Hobby is practicing for Triathlon – Swimming, Cycling & Running
  • It helps me a live a stress free life and a life without medicine, and most importantly something to keep looking forward to.

4. How are our webinars helping you?

Video sessions and webinars are helping me a lot in gaining immense knowledge on health, wellness and fitness regimes.

5. How is Zoojoobe helping you with your health and wellness goals? What can we do better?

Zoojoobe has played  a great role in keeping our wellness regime on track. Your insights on healthy life  has taken my fitness to the next level, specially during my practice for triathlons.

What do you think?