I am really happy that I am a part of Swiggy and in the organization, they care about employees and their health – Mohammed Hussein from Swiggy


1.  What are the top 3 habits that you follow?

My top habits are :  Going to the gym daily, drinking more water,  waking up early and eating food on time.

2.  How do you ensure that you follow your habits regularly? Any advice for our readers?

Waking up early in the morning with prayers reduces my stress. Doing workouts after that will keep me fit enough. Water is the medicine for everything. The more you drink water, lesser are the chances of you falling sick. Don’t miss your food timings because if you do, you may suffer from lots of health issues like acidity, vitamin deficiency and more. Avoid eating Junk Food which will make you feel lethargic and dull.  Stay fit and healthy.

3.  What is your take on work-life balance? How do you find the balance? (Hobbies/ Mindfulness practices etc). Anything that works for you and why?

My prayers will balance everything in my life because without the trust and support of the lord, I cannot achieve anything in my life.

6.  How do you rate your experience with Zoojoobe so far? And how was our recent session on the International Heart day?

I give Zoojoobe 7 out of 10. As for the session, thanks for your valuable time to tell us how to keep our heart in good condition by demonstrating such awesome exercises/yoga poses. The session was really good and I feel it helps us maintain our heart healthily. I am really happy that I am a part of Swiggy and in the organization, they care for employees and their health.

7.  Anything else you want to tell us. Our favourite answers are to the questions we didn’t ask! 🙂

Nothing but the best! Nice going zoojoobe!

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