Can you imagine all the benefits that you can get from eating just a handful of nuts?
Nuts are rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – all of which have great health benefits for the prevention of cardiac disease and diabetes type 2.
A study in 2014 by Jackson and Hu actually suggest eating handful of nuts each day to replace less healthy snacks like chips and soda, because they are much healthier.
So pack some homemade nutty trail mix for snacking instead.
Nuts have come under criticism by some because of high fat content, but research has shown that the fats they contain can be considered as “ good fats” – which do not cause weight gain because their high calorie intake is easily absorbed and metabolised by the body into energy.
You can also make milk and flour from nuts and obtain the nutrition that way too.
Here’s a list of all the benefits from your favourite type of nut:-
PISTACHIOS:  Helps in weight loss, diabetes, cancer protective phenolics, lowers blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis.
MACADAMIA NUTS: Lowers cholesterol levels, Reduces risk of diabetes, colon cleansing, anemia support, morning sickness relief.
BRAZIL NUTS: Helps in protection from tumours, Reduces blood sugar level, reduces thyroid enlargement, prevents reproductive disorders, lower risk of pancreatic cancer
CHESTNUTS: Improves glycemic control, memory protection, bowel health, anemia support, weight loss.
HAZELNUTS: Healthy heart, rheumatoid arthritis support, Alzheimer’s support, cancer protective, diabetes support.
ALMONDS: Helps with appetite control, weight control, bone health, memory booster, biotin source.
WALNUTS: Packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, reduces risk of diabetes, boosts heart health, helps deal with stress, reduced risk of breast cancer.
COCONUT: Breast cancer protective, weight loss, reduces Alzheimer’s risk, eczema and acne treatment
PECANS:  Rich source of energy, protects the body from infections, source of vitamin E, reduces coronary artery disease risk, rich source of minerals.
CASHEW NUTS: Cancer protective, healthy heart, lowers high blood pressure, lowers gallstone risk, helps digestion.
Toast it or eat it raw, whether it’s almond milk or almond flour, nuts of all different shapes and sizes can help you lead a fuller and healthier life. It is true when they say” Big Things Come In Small Packages”, because these guys are loaded with a huge deal of goodness! So go nuts today! Literally.

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