Yes, I am ready to change myself for a Great Lifestyle, but where should I start, which habits I need to throw away and which one I have to form, which are those I need to change and rearrange. Which habits matter the most?

You need to first understand, this is the effort we are going to invest which fulfills dream of being you.
My favorite part in Charles Duhigg’s book “The power of habit” is the idea of “keystone habit”. Keystone habit creates chain reaction by changing and rearranging other habits. This influences how we sleep, wakeup, eat, play, spend, work, time, behave and communicate and you will feel a process as started and see the transformation.

Identify your keystone habits
According to Duhigg, every small wins gives enormous energy, confidence and awesome attitude to sustain. The following are some of the keystone habits that changes lifestyle over period of time, lets look in couple of cases;

CASE 1:  Lets assume this is the daily routine.


But when sometimes when we wake up early we feel so energetic and fulfilling and many a times felt the whole day was great. Lets take “WAKE UP EARLY” as keystone habit


Outcome: When “Waking Up Early” works great, following to it other habits like stretch, indoor exercise, time management and others create and fall in line.

CASE 2: This person decided to workout, because he felt his confidence is high and feeling happy whenever he jogs or do little exercise. This small wins really felt him great whole day. “WORKOUT”, now let’s see how this keystone habit has brought new healthy habits within.


Outcome: With “WORKOUT” as keystone habit, the other habits automatically lined up like, waking up early, drinking more water, stretching before workout, healthy breakfast.

So, sit down and list your habits and routines and its pattern of every small wins, which gives you that happiness, that confidence and power.

Identify your keystone habits. Identify when will you feel happy, excited, complete and for what? like “when you completing task”, “cleaning your room or desk”, “cooking”, “few min mediation before sleep”, “every morning 5 min Guided Session”. Your keystone habit gives you a new strength and confidence that you can achieve your lifestyle; it is a magnet to pull other habits fall in place. makes your keystone habits sustainable, take your keystone habit as a challenge and track them, feel your happiness consistently for every small wins, which will give you enormous energy to continue to form great habits.

Improving your lifestyle and becoming a person you want to be is not as hard as you think. All you might need is that ONE KEYSTONE HABIT.

Get ready to get everything in place. What is your keystone habit?

Share your keystone habit in facebook – for eg: #MyKeystoneHabit is “Jog 5 Min Everyday”

Add your keystone habit as a challenge in today and start tracking it.

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