The holiday season is usually loaded with temptation and buckets of lethargy to boot. It inspires sloth and gluttony in equal measure, both of which, even by themselves, is an absolute killer. But, the duo may just pile on the pain. It is important to remember that, the holiday season can also lead to serious health problems. Gaining a few extra pounds is one thing, but having all the extra rich food combined with the lack of exercise can raise some serious issues.

There are, however, some simple ways that you can make sure you are healthy all through the festive season, here’s how:

Don’t Skip Your Workouts

It is important that you keep up your usual exercise routine. Keeping up with the regular routine of exercise is a great way to keep your mind focused on staying healthy. It is important to not get carried away with the festivities and over-indulge in the laziness. Doing your regular workout routine will not only keep you fresh but also ensure that you are not letting the holidays wreak havoc on your health targets. Simple things like going on walks, staying active around the house are also important in helping you stave off the natural holiday lethargy.

Stay Warm

The cold months bring with it a sharp spike in cold and flu around the holiday season. Make sure you are always dressed for warmth. Try and get as many warm foods inside you as you can. Soups spiced with black pepper and cinnamon are a great way to keep your body warm while also boosting your immunity. Children are at the most risk of falling sick during this season. So, make sure that they are warm and have their ears and head well protected.

Don’t Stress

The holiday season is no stranger to stress, and with stress comes a host of other physical problems. Having guests over, the pressure of feeding them, managing children, managing your home, all this just piles on the pressure. The stress can often lead you to get more fatigued than usual during holidays. Give yourself time to relax, to breathe, and feel like you are on a holiday as well. Things do not always have to be perfect. Most importantly, do not put pressure on yourself to get things just right, being festive does not necessarily have to mean being stressed.

Eat Healthy

The most important thing about the holidays is the food. The sheer plethora of scrumptious treats is an utter delight, whatever age-group you may belong to. The downside, however, is that most of the food during the festive season leans heavily on the unhealthy side. Make sure that you are getting your fill of vegetables and fruits. Carrots, Brussels sprouts, yams and even potatoes are great for your body in certain preparations. Make sure you go light on the sugary snacks. Candy canes may look yummy but they are definitely not healthy. Having said that, the festive season is one based on indulgence, but being aware of where to draw the line is as crucial as enjoying the indulgence itself.


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