To defeat your enemy, you must understand it. If you think the Snooze Button is just a plastic knob (hey, the 90s called, they want their plastic knobs back) or just a small, innocuous piece of code on your smartphone, you are seriously underestimating it. That first time you press that thing you make a very bad bargain: If you give me more time under the covers, O Snooze Button, I will give you this precious piece of my hopes and plans and dreams. The Snooze Button is a crafty foe. It tempts and cajoles; it misdirects and tricks. You think I exaggerate, but think how you feel when you finally escape the clutches of this monster: defeated, sad, and seeing your plans collapse like dominoes. If we want to rescue our day, we must get past this trickster as early as possible. Like I said, we need a deeper understanding into the problem to begin solving it. Let’s explore the many reasons why you fall for the Snooze Monster so often:

You are not getting enough sleep


If this is your reason, the Snooze Button, though villainous most of the time, is doing you a favour. You probably need to put some work into planning your day better. If you are having problems falling asleep at the right time, cut down on the electronics in the wee hours of the night, drink enough water throughout the day, and get some exercise. Visit a sleep therapist if this persists.

You are stressed out


Quality of sleep when you are chronically stressed out is quite low. Approximately about 42% of the people report poor sleep during stress. It is no surprise that disturbed sleep makes you want to hit that button. If stress is the underlying reason, you must try to understand the source of that stress and address it. There are no shortcuts, but stress is very well understood, and there are a lot of sources of support out there.

If you have ruled out the other two, it could be that…

…It’s not you who presses that button

I don’t mean to scare you, but there’s two of you. There is the Conscious You, who thinks it is in control. But there is also the mysterious Unconscious You, whom you don’t really understand and who doesn’t much understand your logic. In your sleep, it is the Unconscious You is pulling the levers. The Conscious You knows the reasons you have to wake up – it understands the stakes. But Unconscious You may not be so clear about why it’s so necessary for you to wake up at the cold crack of dawn. If this is the case, you need to get the unconscious mind to the table, and explain to it, very gently, why this is important for you. If you are anxious about some part of your day, your unconscious mind will have registered it far better than your conscious one. Only 3% of the mental processes are consciously done. So make your unconscious mind your friend and talk to it.The best ways to do it is to constantly talk to it. This process is called manifestation, and it happens best while meditating, or just before or after sleep. Take your unconscious into your confidence, and you will be surprised how happy it will be to help you. Keep the message short and consistent.

Now that the sources (and in part solutions) to the Snooze Button problem are laid out, we hope you are more empowered to take it on. Remember practice makes us perfect and waking up early is a habit too. Be kind to yourself, but relentless against the forces that stop you from getting the mornings of your dreams.

What do you think?