Is your life a rendition of the song” WAKE ME UP WHEN SEMPTEMBER ENDS”, but instead it’s more like after October, Novermber, December, New Year and you still feel like sleeping? You kept hitting snooze button and before you know it, you wake up and it’s lunch time! Before regret and guilt creep in…STOP and continue to read this to avoid making the same mistake again.

  1. PREP FOR THE MORNING: To avoid spending time picking out your clothes in the morning, do it before sleeping. You can also prep your breakfast by taking a look at what you have in the fridge the night before.
  2. OPEN THE CURTAINS: So that your body stops producing melatonin and help you wake up. Light helps the body to wake up so try to face towards the sun and you will wake up quicker.
  3. SET A BED TIME: Aim to fall asleep 8 hours before you wake up.
  4. DO IT GRADUALLY: 15 minutes earlier each morning for 4 days will have waking up an hour earlier, so keep track of your progress!
  5. GET EXCITED: Get really pumped about one exciting thing you can do tomorrow and write it down so that you can see it as soon as you open your eyes. (could be trying out a new recipe, meeting up with friends, the latest episode of Game of Thrones,etc)
  6. JUMP OUT OF BED: Jump out of bed with ENTHUSIASM and tell yourself that you will KILL IT today! Play your favourite song and get moving- a little movement goes a long way as the day uncovers.
  7. TELL SOMEONE: Pick a friend or family member and tell them when you want to wake up and commit to a text, letting them know you’ve done it . For example:  Send to mom “I DID IT, I WOKE UP AT 7 AM” – is a great motivator and something to feel proud about for the day.
  8. SAY NO TO SNOOZE:  Put your alarm across the room so that you have to get up to turn it off. It will be a little harder to get under the covers after that.
  9. MEDITATE:  Clear your mind and only think of positive things for the day. You’d be surprised at how relaxed you’d feel after meditating.
  10. GET BLOOD FLOW GOING: Go outside for a jog or walk and just breathe in the fresh air. Try to take up a short workout like a 30 day challenge to get you into a healthy routine.
  11. EAT BREAKFAST: The most IMPORTANT meal of the day will give you a lot of energy and motivate your brain to get up and slay your goals for the day. So crack some eggs for an eggcellent day!

Reap the Benefits: Once you wake up early, you can beat the traffic, get to work on time, have a heavy breakfast (which is perfect to start the day), enjoy life without a hectic morning and generally be a sunnier relaxed person.

What do you think?