Television is the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without.” —Paddy Chayevsky

Most people would agree that they watch way too many hours of TV. However, there are a few that have managed to curb this urge to give into this bad habit and reclaim their life. Yet there are only a few that know how to manage themselves and their kids’ digital influence in this media- drenched world that we live in.

Whether it’s the Playoffs or Netflix, we would love to unwind and grab a cold beverage and some chips or popcorn to end the day or kick-start the weekend.  You might think that just a half hour while eating lunch or dinner won’t do any harm but before you  know it, it’s been 3 hours and the plate has been empty for 2 and a half hours!

Before we realize what we must do to limit TV time, we must understand the consequences of watching TV for more than half an hour:

  • For Adults:-
  1. It could shorten our lives
    A study of healthy young adults found that watching lots of TV is associated with premature death. The research, published last year in the Journal of the American Heart Association, found that participants who reported watching three hours or more of TV per day had twice the risk of dying during the 8-year follow-up period than those who said they didn’t watch more than 1 hour per day.
  1. Can rob you of sleep time: When you’re glued to the TV and then you move to another screen like a Tablet or Phone and then back to Tv and then back to Tablet or Phone, it keeps the brain awake and disrupts us from receiving proper sleep and we feel awake instead of sleepy before bed.
  1. Dark Circles equals more money for Makeup: This is for all the women that are watching TV in excess. Limit yourself to just one hour of TV so that your face can look 5 years younger.
  1. Expansion of Waistline: Most people think that just because you plant yourself in front of the TV for a long time, you could grow fat (which is true). But, studies have shown that, the impact that advertisements and commercials have, cause us to invest in unhealthy but appealing junk food.  Credits to the marketing team but our waists should receive some healthy credit too!
  1. Absorption Drain: Even if you watch TV in the name of gaining knowledge through science channels or history channels, the human brain will not be able to absorb all the information that you feed it. Especially if you’re going to watch for more than half an hour.
  1. Diabolical binging listed as cause for Diabetes: Research on people at higher risk for developing diabetes found that for each hour spent watching TV per day; the risk of developing the disease increased by 3.4 percent.
  • For Kids:-
  1. Increases Childhood Obesity
  2. More Likely To Copy What They Watch: Wrestling siblings maybe trying to imitate what they watched in a movie or a professional game.
  3. Will show signs of less energy
  4. Will show signs of engaging in bad behavior as they grow up
  5. Have more access to commercials, advertisement and misinformation.
  6. Television exposure before age 2 is strongly correlated with decreased language development

So make sure to click away from watching TV, particularly prolonged viewing as it can hurt your health and reduce the quality of life especially since its more than just sitting that causes damage. What we watch and the effects of movies or TV, in reality also plays an appalling role in our lives and in the lives of our kids.

What do you think?