Make no mistake, there is something deadly lurking on your desk at work. It is out there and waiting for you to allow it one chance and it will pounce. Stress is one of the biggest killers at work today. From hypertension to depression, stress causes some of the most insidious diseases today. The high-pressure work situations today do nothing to alleviate the stress a professional feels, instead, they only exacerbate it.

There are, however, some very simple ways that you can not only manage stress at work but also work around it to make yourself more efficient. Here are some ways that you can achieve it:

Create Positive Relationships

Having someone to talk to at work is crucial in helping you keep your head straight. Strong positive relationships help you not only feel better about yourself but also are a great source of support in times of crisis. These individuals may not be able to solve your issues but they can definitely lend you an empathetic ear. Your friends at work are people you can confide in and talk to about all that you are feeling about work and beyond. These positive relationships need not just be within the office, they can be anyone who is willing to give you a patient ear when you need it.

Act, Don’t React

The worst part about a high-pressure job is that you are perpetually on the backfoot and are in constant reaction mode. Stress is felt when we feel that things are beginning to slip beyond our control. To avoid feeling this way we are programmed to anticipate stressors and work to avoid them in our daily life. Try and incorporate this at work as well. There will never be a situation at work which you can completely control. It’ll do you well to identify aspects that you can control and those that you can’t. Prepare for all contingencies but do know that the outcome may not be under your control?

Take Breaks

The understanding that breaks are dangerous to productivity is seriously flawed. Most researchers swear by the importance of taking regular short breaks to help boost productivity and increase alertness among employees. A break can be anything: be it taking a walk around the office, meditating for five minutes, or even talking to a friend on the phone. These five-minute breaks can be a great help in providing you the time essential to recuperate from the constant pressure of work.

Snack Healthy

Snacks at work are usually fried or processed foods with hardly an iota of nutrition in them. Give yourself healthy snacks through the day to keep your energy up. Fruits or salads work brilliantly in helping you stay full while also keeping your energy levels up. Stress often makes us feel that we are hungry even when we are not, thus the term stress-eating. Avoid unhealthy and processed foods at all costs. Dry fruits, nuts, and fresh fruits are your best bet when you are eating to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Stay Organized

Being organized at work is half the battle won. It not only helps ensures that all your priorities are sorted when it comes to ongoing work, it also helps you accommodate surprises and additional tasks with ease. Make sure you organize yourself keeping in mind your strengths and the amount of time required for each task at hand. Do not over or underestimate any project and give it the amount of time it really deserves. Staying organized is one of the easiest and most effective ways of being stress-free.


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