eBook name - How to keep up with your new year resolution.

Crack the code to a promise well kept in 2016!

Our new ebook on ” How to Keep up with your New year resolution” is out for an amazing read!

It’s that time of the year again. A new beginning, a clean slate.

You could have decided to leave that chocolate on the table untouched, replace your espresso shots with green , use those running shoes that you bought on an unbelievable deal, hit 5 digits on your pedometer everyday, dust your bookshelves to catch up with that bookworm in you, relive your wanderlust, change careers; whatever they maybe, it’s important to have the ‘endurance’ it calls for. In here, we present to you the secret code to keeping up with your resolutions!

From how to harness the power of determination to the secret behind making stress your friend,learn everything that will guarantee that you stay on top of your new year resolution.With easy daily hacks, highly motivating TED talks and some uber cool information on behavioral time machines,¬†here’s much much more!

It’s absolutely free!