We all want to enjoy a happy, stress-free life but it isn’t always possible. Right from the nagging boss to demanding wife or bossy husband, everyone seems adamant to rob us of our mental composure and push us to the black hole of stress. It is often recommendable to manage the things well before they start producing stress but it is not always possible. The problem takes a serious turn when the stress finally attacks and you know it but cannot do anything about it. Therapies can be more beneficial than medication as stress resides in the mind. Among other therapies, one of the most economical, easy yet efficient therapy that you can adopt immediately, is decorating your house with home plants. We all love home plants and visiting our relative who have a variety of home plants makes us feel refreshed. Their beauty can only be one of the many reasons. Various studies and researches on home plants show that they possess the proven stress-busting qualities. Here are 5 of them:

Have you ever noticed the instant joy that you feel when you visit your nearby garden? One of the strong reasons behind that joy is the smell of various plants and flowers. It is now scientifically proven that the different fragrances play a key role in influencing your mood. The organic smell of greenery creates a picture of a well-nourished plant and connects us with the nature that reminds us of our basic nature – peace and joy! Keeping house plants in the places like a drawing room, parlor and bedroom can certainly reduce the stress with their soothing effect. For the best therapeutic effect, you can go for lavender, jasmine, basil or money plant.

There is a close connection between oxygen and stress. When you are stressed you have a stifling feeling. That’s why living in a stifled ambiance, lacking adequate oxygen supply can induce stress. Plants are the best sources of oxygen. Besides, the oxygen also plays a key role in proper functioning of our brain. They offer you sufficient oxygen to breathe freely and thus induce a feeling of well-being.

According to the reports of a research, the soil contains specific microbes known as M.vaccae. These microbes play a major role in reducing the stress while enhancing the mood. The soil used in the house plants contain a reasonable amount of M.Vaccae that plays the dual role of stress busters and mood enhancers.

Apart from oxygen, plants also release phytoncides that shield them from a number of diseases. But at the same time, they also have a certain positive effect on your immune system too. They also work as aromatherapy for stressed neurons. That is why we can notice the palpable effects on our mood when we are engaged in trimming or watering plants.

In the medicinal field, there is a particular therapy called horticultural therapy. It is aimed at healing mental illness by encouraging patients to involve in different activities associated with plants like watering and trimming. Over a certain period of time, a quaint relation develops between a man and plants that boost the confidence and nurture the mind. It also offers a feeling of bonding. As your attention is diverted to taking care of plants, you don’t reflect on disturbing thoughts that result in stress. Besides, you also get a certain feeling of achievement when the plants grow due to your efforts.

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