Whether it is about scrubbing dishes or cleaning a chock-a-block no one relishes the mundane tasks of house cleaning. If it is not something absolutely necessary like doing dishes, we can keep on postponing the things, sometimes for months. But in fact, house cleaning is not such a boring thing as it seems to be. If you regard it as a “hobby” rather than drudgery, it is not difficult to enjoy the process of housekeeping. Besides, it is also proven that it can relieve stress and lift up your mood. Now that may sound a bit too fancy, right? But to our utter surprise, there are some of the strong reasons proven by several studies that evidently show the therapeutic effects of cleaning in relieving stress.                                                            Here are a few of them:

Each object says something

Have you ever noticed the instant gush of joy upon seeing some specific objects like the small trophy you won in a sports competition, or a coffee mug that was gifted by your daughter on your last birthday? It happens because each object reminds us of its history and instances associated with them. While cleaning your house, you come across a number of such objects that can boost up your mood. It could be your old academic reports or other forgotten childhood memorabilia that might be lying in the attic that instantly reminds you of your carefree days and brings a smile on your face. Or it could be a bag containing love letters that you wrote to your sweetheart before marriage that rekindles the love in your heart and relieves your stress. You can consider cleaning as a joyous ride through your memory lane that will bust your stress and make you feel awesome.

Beauty of small things in life

One of the major reasons of stress is to constantly think of the problems of life that don’t seem to have any solution. We can compare it with the blind alley. If your mind is mostly occupied with such serious problems, you will get a feeling of “constant stress”. The cleaning helps you to divert your attention to light and small things like cleaning the caked dust from edges of the table, dusting the bed or properly arranging the piles of paper. So cleaning helps to divert your mind from serious thinking and attracts your attention to small things that help in relieving your stress.

Wholesome goodness of endorphins

Cleaning involves a variety of different activities like mopping, dusting, washing clothes etc. that helps you to release endorphins. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters that can instantly boost your mind by interacting with your brain receptors. As a result, they reduce the perception of pain and induce the instant positive feeling that lifts up your mood.

Cluttered house clutters mind

Cluttered house negatively stimulates the brain and causes anxiety. It creates a visual pollution that often induces stress even without any apparent reason. A cluttered place constantly reminds one of incomplete work and gives a feeling that something is not right. That is why the people with cluttered desks are not able to concentrate properly as their mind is constantly agitated by clutter around them. By cleaning your place you save yourself from visual pollution and the stress it causes.

Clutter can create frequent frustrations

One of the more apparent negative effects of cluttered space is losing important things in the pile and frustration. You may be getting late for your office in the morning and you open the drawer to take our car keys, only to realize that the key has gone into the fathomless depths of the pile. It leaves you chagrined and annoyed. Now you need to take out the entire pile and search your car keys. Similarly, you might have lost your important documents in midst of the clutter that occupies your desk. Such instances result in frequent frustration and induce stress. By cleaning up your place you will get rid of piles of clutter and can easily find the important objects whenever you need it. In this way, the cleaning saves you from unnecessary frustration.

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