After a long day at work and a nice, fairly big meal, the bed begins to beckon with  something close to a siren song, a song that can be almost as dangerous. Working  professionals usually get around to having dinner at about eight thirty in the night on a good day, on a bad day it’s anybody’s guess. Fluctuating dinner times are a norm with the highly charged professional environments of today. While on one hand having a balanced snack can help induce sleep after a long day, a heavy meal can end up doing exactly the opposite thing.Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t sleep right after dinner.

An invitation to heartburn

Heartburn is a condition anyone fond of spicy food is acutely familiar with. It occurs when the acid infused stomach contents rise up in the esophagus when you lie down after a meal. This can cause a severe constrictive feeling around the chest or a burning sensation at the base of your throat and chest.

Eating too much or eating highly spiced or acidic foods like tomato sauce or garlic  can often cause this kind of a feeling if you sleep immediately after the meal. Avoid such foods for dinner before sleep.

It piles on the pounds


Sleeping directly after dinner is one of the biggest causes of weight gain and obesity. However, this is not because of sleeping, it is because of the kind of food eaten right before sleeping. These food items are often full of saturated fats which can readily be converted into artery choking cholesterol. Snacks like potato chips, potato wedges, cookies or any biscuits and cakes are foods heavy in sugars and fats and can cause serious damage to your body in the long run. Weight gain can increase your risk for stroke and can lead to a variety of heart and other ailments.

It can affect your ability to sleep

Eating right before dinner has been known to cause insomnia. This inability to sleep affects the body in a lot of harmful ways the least of which is your ability to function at your best. This also applies to having too many drinks  before bed or even coffee before bed.

It may increase your chances for type 2 diabetes.

Studies by the Columbia University Health Services indicate that having a big dinner after long spans of not eating anything and before going off to bed can increase chances of type 2 diabetes. If you are in such a habit it would be wise to stock up on healthy sacks and fruits.

Follow the two hour rule

This is a rule every child in pre-school knows by heart,however it is soon forgotten in the act of growing up. Always make sure there is at least a two to three hour gap between your last big meal and sleeping. This will help ensure that problems such as the above do no occur.

Avoid snacking after dinner


Those that are in the habit of an early dinner but are up till late in the night often find themselves craving something to eat. However, a low fat, low calorie snack at a time like this can work best instead of heavy snacks loaded with saturated fats.An unhealthy meal coupled with odd hours of sleep can never be good for your body.It not only increases your risk for a variety of diseases it can also affect your mindset,confidence and ability to function properly at work.

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