Every human has that negative energy buried within them. Negativity is a toxic energy that gradually takes an emotional toll on our life and whatever we do everyday. When you are surrounded by negativity, be it negative people, thoughts, mindsets or messages, it makes it even more difficult for you to stay positive.

Negativity, after a certain point of time becomes a habit to possess and later it becomes a way of life. If you consciously focus, you will find yourself in a lot of negative situations or find yourself talking negative about someone or something. Well, it needs to end!

What causes negativity?

Throughout our lives we have numerous experiences that are difficult to handle on an emotional level. Later, these experiences become the primary source of negative energy as somewhere the trauma of these experiences leave emotional scars on our mind leaving us with negative thoughts. To let go off this negativity from your life will have lasting benefits.

Here are a few main factors that generate the negative emotional energy within you:

Viewing life from negative perspective will invoke and amplify negative emotions. If you keep storing this negative energy within, it will, like small doses of poison destroy the quality of your life gradually.

Blaming others for something or the other is actually the outcome of our search for somebody who can take responsibility for something. Forcing somebody to take the blame is actually our way of releasing our negative energy that will in turn weaken us internally. Accepting responsibility will on the other hand, will make you feel more positive.

Judging others on the basis of their personal identity is one of the elements of negative thinking. Being judgmental is a result of stress we own, that eventually eats our emotions and has a negative influence on the way we conduct ourselves with others. If we expect others to trust us, so shouldn’t we also resist the temptation to judge others?

Keeping negative emotions is like holding on to poison. Everybody has their set of good and bad experiences. Memories that we don’t want to think about. But then, staying attached to such experiences will infuse negativity in you by dominating your perception. You should let go off all these negative emotions instead of holding on to it.

Comparing yourself to others consistently arises from a mindset that feeds the idea and approach of competition. Life is not a game to be played with one another. If someone wins,someone has to lose. We should therefore try to be the best versions of ourselves hence, avoid any sort of comparison with others. Let ‘it’ go!

Hence, always try to let it go. Letting go off the negative energy residing within you is the way of life! It indeed has empowering benefits on our life.Avoid talking negatively with others and inviting negative thinking. It will make you feel low and as if you are not worth anything. Keep reminding yourself that you are the best.

Surrounding yourself with negative people is yet another toxic action. Doing this will naturally make you think and talk negative all the time. For an overall well being and positivity, you need to cut them off your life.Negativity is a result of sadness, insecurity, loneliness and depression. Negativity causes low level of self-esteem and confidence in you.

In a nutshell, limit your friendship with negative people and people who bring you down. Step towards more positivity and good thoughts. So, let go of people who hold you back.

Never feed your negative emotions and thoughts. They only plague your life and stop you from embracing positivity. You need to be conscious about your negative beliefs. If you have faith in yourself and believe that the world is a beautiful place, and full of opportunities,then the same will become your reality as well. Yes, it might take time to think this way, but its positive impact will stay for a lifetime.

The less negativity you allow in your life, the less negative you will be of yourself. See the good things that life has to offer you. Do good things and say good things about people and see the magic of positivity take over your life!

Lastly, always be conscious of what you feed your mind, body and soul. Fuelling your thoughts with positivity will drive you into more positive actions!

What do you think?