“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision” – this simple statement made by Dalai Lama doesn’t need much of an explanation; on the flip side, this statement would also not be comprehended by many.

Call it pressure of the mundane life or the mind games, we all experience a phase in our life that makes us dejected. That is the time when ‘positivity’ seems like an alien feeling. Everything around projects frustration and literally, nothing works for you. Have you ever pondered over the root cause of this? Some don’t care and those who do end up playing the blame game; this doesn’t really help the cause. However, there’s one universal solution to this – positivity. One really shouldn’t need reasons to embrace positivity.

You Get what you Give

The universe reflects your thoughts. In other words, your approach towards life determines the circumstances you are in. Remember, nobody has a perfect life; all you can do is to make it better. Have you ever noticed how some people around you always get the better of things?

They don’t seem to be doing something extra ordinary, and yet they succeed. Positivity – that is the secret.

Positivity is the secret remedy of success

As discussed in the preceding paragraph, positivity leads to success. There’s one common thing associated with every successful person on this planet, i.e. being positive. No matter how difficult the situation gets, there’s one sure way to get through – by thinking affirmative. It boosts self-confidence and helps to clear your mind to make the right decisions.

Positivity breeds patience, patience breeds life

The only reason that people give up on things or end up feeling depressed by the wrong doings of time is because they embrace negativity. Of course, you will have to confront to those occasions in life that are not in your favor; life’s not a smooth ride. However, being positive will built the required patience and thus you would enjoy every moment of your life.

Positivity defeats failure

Failures, they say, are the stepping stones to success. Yes, that’s true! But how do you step on that failure? What gives you the courage and strength to pick yourself up and try again? Failures can’t be measured and quantified as big or small. The only way to move forward is by staying positive.

Positivity spreads enthusiasm around

‘One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel’, we’ve all heard this idiom, haven’t we? Now, how about reading a new one – ‘One positive thought, uplifts the atmosphere’. Human mind tends to hover around the thoughts that surround it; thoughts that resonate from the people that are around. If you chose to be positive, this won’t just benefit you but also spread enthusiasm around.

If we go on listing the reasons, we might never stop; such is the power of positivity. Just remember,‘the only way to live life to the fullest is to embrace positivity’.

What do you think?