Be it at cafes, on the train, on buses, or even among friends, it is not hard to spot people glued to the screens of their smartphones. We live in a world that is obsessed with technology in all its forms. The smartphone, while a decidedly amazing invention, has reduced a large chunk of humanity into creatures peering into their handheld screens.

Be it to check messages, social media updates, news, or even playing games, we use our smartphones to do a number of things. There is a way, however, in which this could turn into a serious dependency issue. Many people report feeling anxious when they are separated from their smartphones. This is just a sign of how bad the smartphone addiction has become.

Here are some reasons why you may need to take a break from your smartphone from time to time:

Improved Focus

How many times in the last couple of hours did you feel the need to check your phone? Let’s face it, rhetorical questions aside, the constant need to check your phone seriously affects your focus. Maybe at work, maybe in your day to day life, the lack of focus is something many people complain of but never really care enough to find out the reason. Being hooked to your smartphone might make you distracted. The constant need to keep checking your phone or seeking something new on your multitude of apps can make you more distracted than ever before. Smartphone usage has been proven to affect attention spans and focus. Take a break from your smartphone to focus on your work and life better.

Better Sleep

Most of us who own smartphones use them right before bed. But did you know that the blue light of the screen can cause you to have restless sleep? It can even get so serious as to cause insomnia in chronic users. We are addicted to our phones, they are easy to use and pretty much bring the world to our fingertips. They are, however, wreaking havoc on your sleep cycle if you are using them at night. Try and avoid using your smartphone an hour before bedtime. Read a book if you feel the need, maybe even write a diary, anything but use your smartphone.

Be Happier

Research has shown that cell phone addiction can be so serious as to affect not only your peace of mind but also your happiness. Heavy cell phone usage is often associated with emotional instability, introverted personalities and an overly materialistic nature. Taking a break from your cell phone can make sure that you find time to focus on yourself. It helps you identify things that make you happy and focus on them instead of your phones. Cell phones have transcended merely communication devices and are now used for a variety of purposes. Try and limit your use as much as you can and see the difference it makes to your mood.

Live in the Present

If the reports of more and more accidents occurring because of smartphone users are not enough, look around you. You can see groups of friends tapping away at their phones even when sitting together. People use their smartphones while doing the weirdest of things, be it driving, walking their dogs, or even taking care of their babies. It not only is dangerous but also stops you from focusing on the present moment. Living in the present is not just about being in the moment but also being aware of who and what is around you. Taking a break from your smartphone can make sure that you do just that.

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