Common wisdom maintains that one thing everyone finds attractive in others is confidence. However, it is not uncommon to find yourself lacking confidence at times. When this becomes a recurrent state of mind though, it begins to negatively affect your relationships with others as well as yourself. Confidence is an awareness of who you are, regardless of how you compare or measure up to others. Being comfortable with yourself lends you a certain poise, charm, and assertiveness. You don’t need to compete with anyone or belittle anyone else to lift yourself up. Here are a few tips on how confidence can attract people towards you and make you that much more likable.

Confidence Is Associated with Authenticity

Genuinely self-assured people don’t need to emulate others and are boldly devoted to their true selves. Their self-esteem is not influenced by how other strong and successful people are perceived. At the same time, they don’t let their personal integrity and inner stability be threatened by anyone else’s existence or perceived superiority. Self-confident people cherish their freedom to be who they are, no matter what others say or behave like.

Self-Acceptance Is a Key Trait in Confident People

Self-acceptance is the willingness and eagerness to enjoy oneself thoroughly. When you are confident, looks do not play a major role in your behavior. Even if you have a disability, people will dwell on your demeanor rather than what you might believe to be your imperfection. When you embrace every aspect of your being, you exude a level of self-confidence that invites others to accept you for who you are. There is no need to hide or minimize your flaws. Clearly, self-pity has never been anyone’s list of desirable qualities.

Self-Confidence Asserts Power and Knowledge

If you aren’t confident in your views and convictions, how can you expect others to listen to what you have to say? Confident people tend to think on the positive side because they are sure of themselves and aren’t easily thrown off-track easily. They take what life throws at them as and when it comes, and react accordingly. They do not allow obstacles to distract them from the task at hand and instead, rationally and calmly manage a situation, however difficult it may be.

True Confidence Comes from Challenges and Passion

People who are confident aren’t focussed on how they look, but what they are working towards in life. The challenges people encounter in life are often viewed as obstacles that need to be dealt with in order to move on. Identifying your passions and hobbies is integral to making sure that you are a confident individual. It emphasizes the strengths and capabilities you inherently possess, in turn making you feel good about yourself.

Confidence is either something you have or you don’t have. There are some people who consider themselves somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, believing they are content about where they are in life and how they feel about themselves. While these people are fine and complacent, they aren’t radiating any extra confidence. Whereas, true confidence is an asset that makes you stand out and shines through in your personal relationships, your individuality and relationships in the workplace.

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