Not getting enough sleep is the cause of a number of ailments faced by the human body. A regular sleep cycle is crucial for the human body to perform to its optimum capacity. It is important not only for your brain to refresh itself but also for your body to get the time to heal itself. There are a total of 4 stages of sleep and each one of them is crucial. It helps your brain order the memories created, helps streamline procedural memories, it cleans the brain of neurotoxins and harmful proteins, and does a number of other things to help you feel better.
You must notice how after a night of interrupted sleep you feel very cranky. That is the least of the problems arising from the lack of sleep. Here is what happens to your brain when you don’t sleep enough:

Inability to Focus

Sleep allows your brain to recharge and refresh itself. Not giving yourself enough rest can be a recipe for disaster for your concentration the coming day. Most of us dealing with hectic professional lives often have to deal with very disturbed sleep cycles. Lack of sleep may seem like something that can be managed easily while you are in your twenties but with time the effects start to show. It causes serious lapses in concentration and can affect your work quite adversely.

Temporary Mental Lapses

Ever wondered why you forgot to do something important after staying up for an all-nighter? We set a lot in store by giving our all at work, spending long hours at work is just one of these things. But when these long hours start contributing to a lack of sleep is when they begin to affect your work and life both. Lack of sleep can cause you temporary mental lapses where it becomes harder to remember things you otherwise would have easily recollected. Not giving your brain enough time to learn and assimilate the memories can cause forgetfulness as well.

Your Reflexes Suffer

Not getting enough rest can affect your brain to such an extent that it can have a direct impact on your body. It causes you to lose concentration and severely affects your reaction time. All of us have heard of accidents on the road where someone had fallen asleep at the wheel. This and more can be caused by something as innocuous as lack of sleep. It can make you prone to small accidents around the house as well.

Mood Swings

Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons why so many of us seem to spend our days cranky and off. Not getting enough sleep makes your brain tired and makes it difficult for you to think. The average processing time of an individual also increases due to lack of sleep. This directly affects your efficiency, which in turn makes your mood even sourer than before.
It is important that we get enough sleep through the night. Getting a good 8 hours of sleep is crucial for the human body to maintain its natural Circadian rhythm and provides the brain and body the time to heal and solidify memories.

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