Do you forget to quench your thirst drink water? Does it feel lazy to get up from your chair and go into the pantry to drink water or fill your water bottle? Are you neglecting your thirst with the work load you have? Do you feel muscle cramps while you are working at office? Feel exhausted to even go to the washroom?If your answer to all the above question is ‘Yes’, then welcome to the world of ‘Dehydration.’ An average healthy human body without any age and gender bar contains and is made up of at least 57-65% of water. So, if you are experiencing dehydration, your body contains less water and it is a matter of concern.

Dehydration is a condition where the water levels in your body are low than necessary & the more water is moving out from your body in an inappropriate proportion of your water intake. In short, dehydration is “scarcity of water” in your body.But remember, your body is as smart as you.Human bodies are capable of recognizing & managing the low water content in them.Your body will stimulate a response if the content of water is low in your body and ask you to drink water. And if you don’t, your body will manage the water contents up to 3-4% down and not beyond it.


Your body will signal the need of drinking water by dry mouth or hiccups and ask us to raise the water levels in our body. And if you don’t, and your body is experiencing the 3-4% drop in the water levels then your body will automatically slow down the fluid loss with respect to the amount of sweat and urine you produce. If you still, don’t quench your bodies thirst you are putting your life in danger.

What is hydration?

Hydration is the process of providing the required amount of water to your body or body tissues.Hydration is the “balance of water” in your body.Hydrating your body is easy.

You can suffice your body’s water needs in two ways: Chew it down or Drink it down.

Chew it down

1. Fruits

Fruits are not only an excellent source of nutrients-vitamins and minerals, fiber but also an excellent source of water as well. Listed below are a few fruits with their water content that will help you stay hydrated:

cucumbers for hydration

  • Cucumbers – 96%
  • Watermelon – 92%
  • Strawberries – 92%
  • Orange – 87%
  •  Grape Fruit -91%
  • Peaches – 88%
  • Cantaloupe – 90%
  • Pineapple -87%
  • Raspberries- 87%
  • Cranberries -87%
  • Plums- 85%
  • Apricots – 86%
  • Blueberries -85%

2. Vegetables

Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, and vitamin C. Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure’ according to ChooseMyPlate, a government website.


Listed below are a few vegetables with their water content that will help you stay hydrated:

  •  Lettuce – 96%
  •  Cauliflower – 92%
  • Eggplant– 92%
  •  Red Cabbage – 92%
  •  Peppers – 92%
  •  Spinach – 92%
  • Broccoli- 91%
  •  Carrots – 87%
  •  Green Peas – 79%
  • White Potatoes – 79%

Drink it down

Most of the liquids & beverages will help you stay hydrated and contribute to your daily water needs. Thus, we have listed below six best liquids that will help you hydrate.

1. Broth based Soups

Drinks and juices aren’t the only source of water. Broth based soups are up the deck as well. Broth is a soup which has its base as stock or flavourful seasoned water, with vegetables, meat or fish.Water coupled with vegetables makes it an excellent means of hydration.

2. Coconut Water


Coconut water, this tropical drink is undoubtedly, water that everyone likes because it got taste and loads of minerals. During lots of physical work our body looses mineral-rich fluids and coconut water is one such drink that helps us recover those lost fluids.

1 Coconut’s Water = 6 glasses of water.So, don’t you think coconut water is rightly called ‘Nature’s Gatorade?’

3. Lemon Juice

Water might only hydrate your body but lemon water will help you cut down your weight (sitting in the office) and they are a perfect “good morning drink” as well. Lemon Juice energizes as well as a hydrates your body making you feel fresh.

4. Low fat or skim milk

Milk is popularly an excellent source of potassium. Guess what? It is an equally good source of re-hydration as well; given, you are drinking a low fat or skimmed milk. You would also be surprised to know that chocolate milk is a good source of recovering the hydration after exercise.

5. Smoothies

Drink your fruits and vegetables in seconds! Smoothies are a great way to combine flavours with nutrition’s. The key here is to use vegetables and fruits with high water content and using the right mix of your taste and creativity:)


What do you think?