October Contest: Gather Your Troop

Welcome Go Getters!

This autumn, be the leader you were born to be! Zoojoo.be gives you the opportunity to take the first step, and be the one making a difference.

‘Gather Your Troop’ contest enables you to reach out to your fellow doers and get them excited about your idea of fitness!

What you need to do:

  1. Form a group on Zoojoo.be based on your passion. For instance, Mindtree Marathoners, Health Freak and Proud Club, The Gym Gang (Go crazy!)
  2. Target: Get 30 people to join the group
  3. Keep the members off their chairs and on their toes by posting stimulating an educative posts on the group.

The posts can include motivational pictures of your own achievements, a super inspiring video you feel is worth sharing or a quote that gets to you each time. Educative tips and articles are perfect!

Do you have it in you to accelerate the drive in others to reach for their goals? We have a very strong gut feeling you do!

Begin inspiring now! And if you achieve the target mentioned above, reward will be rightfully yours!

Let the game begin, what say?


What do you think?