Welcome Go Getters!

This festive season, spread not only cheer, but also good health and happiness. As a Go Getter, you can go beyond the unimaginable and do wonders. All it takes is the right spirit. And we believe each one of you is born with it!

‘Get a friend onboard’ contest is all about helping your colleagues take the first step to good health, that is, add one more healthy habit to their lifestyle.

What you need to do:

  1. Invite all those colleagues who haven’t been enchanted by Zoojoo.be magic, to get onboard – get them to join Zoojoo.be.
  2. Ask them to pick up a habit of their choice.
  3. Target: Get 10 such colleagues to pick a habit and you’re a winner!

That’s all folks!

Are you ready to be the next winner?

Begin inspiring now! And if you achieve the target mentioned above, reward will be rightfully yours!

Let the game begin, what say?

What do you think?