Welcome Go Getters!

How about we take the fun up by a notch and get the game rolling, this December?

Contest : Can You Do It?

Each week this month, we will have a challenge for you. The basic idea is to begin a trend on Zoojoo.be Social feed when you take up a healthy habit each week. That is, get your friends to participate in the challenge as well and get the trend going. Ready?

Here’s the challenge of the first week.

What you need to do:

Week 1 (Dec 6 – Dec 9)

  • Take up the challenge ‘Listen To Podcast/Music
  • Upload a post talking about your current favorite track on the Social Feed. (could be a status with lyrics, a picture of the album, or just the name.. go creative!). Use the hashtag #WhatsYourFavoriteTrack on the post.
  • Tag 4 of your buddies on the post, to participate in the same challenge

Target for the contest:

1. Update the habit of each week, regularly

2. Get all your 4 tagged buddies to participate in the same challenge                                   and pass on the trend, each week.

That’s all.

The challenge for each week will be communicated to you at the start of that very week!

It’s going to be heaps of fun.

Let the game begin!


What do you think?