December Contest: Can You Do It?

Welcome Go Getters!

This festive season, be the leader you were born to be! gives you the opportunity to take the first step, and be the one making a difference.

‘Can You Do It?’ contest enables you to reach out to your fellow doers and get them excited about your idea of health.

Each week this month, we will have a challenge for you. The basic idea is to begin a trend on Social feed when you take up a healthy habit each week. That is, get your friends to participate in the challenge as well and get the trend going. Ready?

Here’s the challenge of the first week.

We all have a hobby, something to while away with. It could be playing the guitar, swimming, listening to music, collecting stamps, or even star gazing 😀

Let’s talk about our hobbies a little more.

What you need to do?

  • Week 1 (Dec 11 – Dec 16)

    • Take up the challenge ‘Relive Your Hobby’
    • Upload a picture of your hobby with the hashtag, #WhatsYourEscapeFromReality
    • Tag 4 of your buddies on the post, ask them to take up the same habit, and pass on the hashtag trend


    That’s what Week 1 is about. Let’s begin reliving our hobbies!

    Target for December contest:

    1. Update the habit of each week, regularly

    2. Get all your 4 tagged buddies to take up the same habit and pass on the hashtag trend, each week.

Begin inspiring now! And if you achieve the target mentioned above, reward will be rightfully yours!

Let the game begin, what say?

What do you think?