Yoga is one of the best ways to relax your body and get rid of nagging aches, soreness, and fatigue. On International Yoga Day, join Manish Pole as he demonstrates some amazing exercises to relax your body.

Day 1:  Stretch your back

Spending a lot of time at your desktop makes the back vulnerable to a lot of pain. Learn some yoga techniques to help relieve the pain.

 Day 2:  Relax your legs

Clocking a lot of steps can leave your legs sore and prone to injury.  Relax and stretch them with these exercises.


Day 3: Relax your upper body

Long working hours cause your shoulders to round. Over time, the stress accumulates. Use yoga to stop this from happening.

Day 4: Use breath to energise your body

Exercising continuously for a long period of time depletes your body’s energy reserves. Do these breathing exercises to give an instant energy boost to your body.


Day 5: Full body relaxation

Stretch, relax and rejuvenate all the muscles of your body with the following set of exercises.

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