These days we pay attention to eating lean food and staying in shape by reducing our waist line. But are we as strict as possible with the amount of SCREEN TIME we CONSUME?

We purchase thin TV screens but how “thin” is the time, we spend glued to it?

Figuring out how to appropriately negotiate screen time has been an issue that almost everybody correlates with. You can credit the websites that help your kids with education, you can credit yourself with some TV time after a long day at work or you can credit the delicious dinner you made with the help of YouTube, but you also need to pay attention to the amount of screen time that goes unchecked.

When we go to work, chances are that we have grown accustomed to a scheduled day and probably know what comes next. However, you don’t need to treat limiting television as if it’s a rule, but breaking up the day with a bit of other activities, to earn TV time, can be helpful.

To get into a routine, here are a few steps you can follow BEFORE turning the remote on:

1. Clean before Screen:  Is your dining table a mess? Is your desk looking like dust threw up all over it? Do some clothes need to be put into the washing machine?
Reserving TV time as a reward for a clean desk or floor, (even if you spend 5 minutes or 15) is hugely effective.
Clutter causes stress to worsen when one is already stressed out, so spend a few minutes cleaning first to clear your mind before screen time.

2.Change the “channel” to your hobbies:  If you want to unwind, there is nothing like changing out of work clothes and into your hobbies.  Just spend 10 minutes doing something you love, and you might ride out watching TV and binging on it.  Try to read a book or reach out to your guitar or drums or paint about your emotions based what happened in the day, for a mere 10 – 15 minutes before switching to the TV.

3.Use a timer: We all must admit that it makes life easier and allows us to get lost in the TV. So, set a timer for any screen time you engage in, and decide before hand how long that period will be. When the timer rings, move on.

Rewarding yourself the privilege of TV is a great way to avoid binging on it for hours. You will feel like you earned it and that way you can feel less guilty (with one chore down). Another advantage is that by starting with your hobby first, you’re more inclined to get back to that, so you will automatically feel like shutting the screen off once the timer goes off.

You have built, created or done something else creative to relax instead of watching TV. Now that’s got to feel good!

What do you think?