It is no secret that late night snacks are a sinful indulgence, but how that indulgence costs your body is something we rarely consider. Snacks before bedtime or midnight munchies can not only affect your physique, they also wreak havoc on your sleep pattern. Most people with high pressure jobs often find themselves reaching home by eight or nine in the night. Chances are sleep usually doesn’t happen until 1 am. This often leads to snacking and scarfing down of extremely unhealthy foods.

Yes, there are a number of articles out there speaking about the amazing anti-oxidant properties of dark chocolate. However, indulging in this delight right before bed may be a problem. Dark chocolate is stuffed with stimulants like caffeine and theobromine. This can throw your sleeping hours out of whack and keep you up till the wee hours depending upon the amount you’ve eaten. Sleep is crucial to help promote healthy growth in children and for recuperating. Dark chocolate can really hurt your sleep pattern.

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It is one of the choice desserts for people around the world. However, ice cream might not be the best idea before bed. This dessert is loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners. This would increase your heart-rate and increase your energy greatly. This can be a difficult to handle right when you are about get between the sheets and finally call it a day. Ice cream can also be quite heavy, and heavy dairy right before bed can cause digestion problems as well in some individuals. Moreover, this sugar will not be converted into energy and will be rendered as fat. This food can make you feel sluggish the next morning.

Easy to order and scrumptious beyond reason, everybody loves a good pizza pie. There are a lot of drawbacks to eating this delightful dish right before bedtime. The cheese on the pizza is heavy to digest and can cause problems. The acidic tomato sauce can lead to stomach ache if not given enough time to digest. There is also the huge problem of the serious amount of calories that are packed in a slice of pizza.

Research has shown that sugar right before bedtime can cause restless sleep that is shallower than what is optimum. Carbonated drinks are usually loaded with sugar and caffeine. Not only will it keep you up, it will amp you up and refuse to let you sleep. Soda, even if it is diet soda, will be terrible for your sleep right before bed.

While it may seem like something that helps you sleep, alcohol actually disrupts your sleep cycle. It causes disturbed sleep and does not allow you to get all the rest you need. Alcohol is also a diuretic which means that you will be severely dehydrated by the time it is morning. It will cause you to wake up frequently to pee, the interruptions make for really troubled sleep.

Be it burgers, French fries or any other form of saturated fat, it is bad for your body and sleep. Research has related saturated fat with shallow sleep and wakefulness. Also, these foods are hard to digest and will take even longer if you are turning in right after the meal. It can cause a lot of stress on your intestines and digestive system. With these foods being as heavy as they are, they will also make you feel bloated and slow the next morning. Fried foods and food with saturated fat is a huge source of calories than can definitely add inches to your waistline.


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