Five for Five. Five questions, five minutes. Say hello to these inspirational individuals as they give us a quick view of their awesome life.

Today, we are glad to feature Prabhat Swain From Mindtree.

1. Tell us something fun and unique about yourself.

I’m addicted to outdoor games as well as indoor games but the most I’m addicted to is Manga(comics) . I love to eat and travel a lot but at the same time I give heed to what my mind and body need.  So, I practice meditation regularly.

2. What is your health goal?

My health goal is simple. It is to align all the physical ,mental and spiritual planes of my body so that my whole system can work in the most efficient way possible.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how well would you rate your habits?

My habit score is around 5.

4. Who is your greatest inspiration in life, and why?

Keeping aside my parents and my beloved family members the greatest inspiration in my life are Albert Einstein ( Different dimensional thinking) , Shri Jaggi vasudev a.k.a SADGURU (Yogic, mystic) , Sachin Tendulkar ( humble personality ) and Saitama ( one punch comics ).
5. How is helping you with your health goals?

It really helped a lot from the daily notifications to monthly goal. The daily quotas that need to be fulfilled really given me a lot of interesting things to look upon.

I really would like to appreciate for their efforts in creating a wonderful work-life balance.

Well, I finally want to add these few things.

1. is really a worthy app for professionals.

2. It really gives us a power to utilize ourselves fully so that we may start being healthy.

3. This app and website are so interactive!

Thanks a lot!

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