Mind-full to Mindful. In this segment, we speak to people who have used mindfulness to become more aware of their surroundings and have successfully brought their stress levels down with it.

Today, we are speaking with Mayurakshi Ghosh from Unisys.

            1. Tell us something fun and unique about yourself. 

    I like this version of me, although I am turning 31 next month, I don’t feel any change, and that’s fun to me. I get to enjoy the same things I enjoyed ten years ago. I like cooking for myself, I love cleaning and I love listening to good music when I walk. I am patient and I love sitting idle at times.


  1. What made you take up the mindfulness course on zoojoo.be?

  My sudden weight gain. I added 15 kgs post marriage and that literally slowed down my life, my pace, my patience and my emotional balance. I wanted to be mindful and at ease.


  1. Have you ever practiced Mindfulness before, or this was your first time?

       I had never actually since I was always active and was on my toes, life came to me like a new day, a new opportunity every day. This was definitely my first time.


  1. If this was the first time, have you felt any difference in your general stress levels?

       I had a mental block, a state where I was at loss of words regularly. That was killing me from the inside. The constant tension, emotional breakdowns due to my weight gain literally pushed me to a point when I decided to do something for myself. That is why I am practicing mindfulness even today.


  1. If you have practiced Mindfulness before, how has Mindfulness with zoojoo.be been different?

       Although I haven’t practiced it before, Zoojoobe definitely got me hooked. It knows that everyone is different yet everyone is similar.


  1. What would be your suggestion to someone who is dealing with a lot of stress every day?

         Give yourself some time, show yourself some love. Nothing in this world is permanent.  Neither are sorrows, stress, tension, and grief. Breathe, breathe, breathe and breathe. That’s your only medicine.

What do you think?