Five for Five. Five questions, five minutes. Say hello to these inspirational individuals as they give us a quick view of their awesome life.

Today, we are glad to feature Ashish Mohanty from Unisys.


  1. Tell us something fun and unique about yourself. 

 I am a very naughty and a fun loving guy who always tries to create an easy going atmosphere wherever I work. I love to interact with people. I try to always be there to help my friends or whosoever in need. I like to make the environment more friendly and happening where people love to work and enjoy what they are doing, without any kind of restriction. I’m a complete gym freak. But I have put on some weight from last 2 months but soon will get rid of it. I also am a sports bike lover. I do have one but I have no time to ride in this hectic schedule in Bangalore.


  1. What made you take up the mindfulness course on

 Due to certain personal and professional problems, I started overthinking, which resulted in high blood pressure as a gift. I was not able to control the thought process due to which my mind was not able to think out of the box.  I listened to someone giving a speech about meditation and mindfulness. I Started exploring what exactly does that mean and how it works. At first, it was one hell of a hell of a job for me to sit silently in single place. But in due course of time, I started experiencing a lot of positive results and was able to calm my mind.


  1. Have you ever practiced Mindfulness before, or this was your first time?

      Yes, I have been doing it for a year.


  1. If this was the first time, have you felt any difference in your general stress levels?

   Well, this was not my first time. But, this is the first time I have used an app which gives such a deep meaning on mindfulness. I loved it, it gave me some more insight about mindfulness. It’s really a good one and definitely helps in reducing the stress levels.

  1. If you have practiced Mindfulness before, how has Mindfulness with zoojoobe been different?

   Yes. I have, but the mindfulness with zoojoobe was really a great initiative. Because, for the beginners, it’s kind of a bible, they can learn a lot and know how to practice it.


  1. What would be your suggestion to someone who is dealing with a lot of stress every day?

    I would like to say, everything has a root cause. That is, is our mind which creates unnecessary problems for us. It’s a powerful tool for a better living. If you don’t know how to be mindful when you meditate, then use the Zoojoobe’s mindfulness. It really helps you to deal with your everyday stress in an effective manner and adds positivity in your life.


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