Five for Five. Five questions, five minutes. Say hello to these inspirational individuals as they give us a quick view of their awesome life.

Today, we are glad to feature Anjali Kakkar from HCL.

  1. Tell us something fun and unique about yourself. 

I have been practising aerobics everyday for the past 8 years.  I enjoy it, love it, and live it. That was the fun part.

Now the unique part, I am quite daring, last year I tried my hand at skydiving, yes skydiving! I jumped from a height of 13,500 feet. It was incredible!

  1. What is your health goal?

I always want to remain fit, energetic , eat the right food  & stay happy. 🙂

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how well would you rate your habits?

I would rate my habits at 9.

  1. Who is your greatest inspiration in life, and why?

My greatest inspiration in life is my mother. She helped me set up the right goals for myself by implementing a healthy lifestyle for herself. In short, she led by example.

She has shown me the right way to stay healthy and happy. And that’s how I have learned to do it in my life as well.

5.  How is helping you with your health goals? helps me by reminding me for healthy habits – like how to keep my mind at peace, how much water should I consume , whether I am lagging behind in my health goals. Zoojoobe helps me with all of that.

What do you think?