Have you ever wondered if most of the apps that claim to build healthy habits really work? I was contemplating on the same thing when I had started to use these apps, but over a period of time, I’ve realized that these apps do work, and benefit you in profound positivity.

­To explain how it works, here’s a real life example I’d like to share, about a friend who had a great desire to lose weight. Along with me suggesting him a few health tracking apps , I also made a mention of the zoojoo.be mobile app; an app that could help him record his progress by him updating his activity on the platform.

Although he did not believe in the concept of logging his progress everyday into a mobile app, he moderately swayed on this routine. However, after a few days, he lost interest in updating his activity on the platform as he felt he wasn’t getting benefited anyway. He ultimately decided to not use the app and instead perform his daily task without tracking it. Since then, his routine had become very inconsistent; he had lost the focus and the enthusiasm to accomplish his goal. This left him with no option but to give up on it eventually.

After a few months, he decided to start afresh. The goal and his enthusiasm remained the same. The only difference, this time, was that he had decided to update his activities on the platform as and when he performs them.


As he got into the habit of updating his activities in the zoojoo.be platform, he also noticed a few tips shared by other users on the very same thing he was trying to accomplish. This led him into researching more on food and food habits, and the search only grew more interesting from there.

As this continued for the next two months, although he was quite quiver with his routine in the initial days, he started to develop a thought pattern regarding food and his food habits. He became more conscious and more focused on his food consumption. At the same time, he was also developing a new habit of recording his everyday progress into the app by simply saying a “yes” or a “no”, indicating whether he had achieved his goal for that day or not. With the app notifying him to update everyday, it eventually became easier for him to track and record his progress because he now had a different attitude towards tracking his progress, unlike before.

By only creating a habit of tracking his progress on a daily basis, he was also naturally creating a routine to follow certain tasks everyday that would help him lose weight. Tasks such as to not consume high calorie food, eat meals at regular intervals, reduce snacks, etc. It became quite natural for him to accept that if he worked on his food habits, it would most certainly help him lose weight. He realised that he was breaking his habit of overeating and was enroute to his goal.

What we understand from this is that we are psychologically wired in a way that it is difficult for our body to make a big change in a very short period of time. That is, if you’re bringing in a change to your lifestyle, like reducing weight, it has to be done in a more relaxed manner. After All, all great habits start small.

So, what are we trying to say? The bottomline is, know your goals and know yourself. Set yourself an achievable goal and start small. What works for someone might not work for you. Create your own milestones, your own road map, after knowing your capabilities. Track your progress, however small it is. It’ll only help you understand your body needs, and revisit your roadmaps to your goal. Each of us are wired differently, after all!

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