Divya Prabakar brims with enthusiasm and radiates positivity from the moment she gets up. Let’s read about what makes her so driven, optimistic and enthusiastic.


1. Tell us about yourself.

#EnthuPattani_FoodFanatic_WannabeMovieBuff (EnthuPattani – literally means enthusiastic peas in Tamil)


  1. What is your health and wellness goal of 2016? 

Start jogging, increase my stamina, lose 4kgs, become fit and come close to a flat tummy.


  1. What motivates you to wake up from bed every day?

Today is going to be more exciting than yesterday!


  1. What do you enjoy the most about doing yoga/breathing exercises? And has it helped you to live the day better?

Couple of years ago I used to whine when my grandma / mom asks me to do yoga daily. But I am realizing its true value now. 5 minutes of breathing exercise before bed daily makes me calmer, makes me forget the long hard day and puts me to sleep within seconds. When yoga is combined with jogging, it increases my stamina.


  1. What are your interests outside of work? And how well do you manage time to pursue those interests?

I am a trained Carnatic singer, dancer and love to sketch/paint. I don’t go to classes anymore but still continue to sing while cooking or while listening to music. After a long time Zoojoo.be helped me relive the sketching hobby. In one week I completed 2 sketches. Hoping to pursue it further, next week also.


  1. How is zoojoo.be helping you handle all your health goals?

When I have given a commitment  to zoojoo.be that “I will do light exercise today”, if I go to bed without doing it, I would feel guilty. So I end up doing at least 5 out of 7 times.


  1. If we asked you to motivate one person to be more healthier/fitter what exactly would you tell him/her?

I would practice daily and set as an example and motivate her/him – and I have already motivated my roommate to go for a jog daily.


  1. How do you think the idea of pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle can be made more fun and exciting?

While working out alone – Reward is the way to make it more consistent/ fun!! I reward myself (with a chocolate/ cupcake) after a week of continuous workout.

But when there is a group, gamification can be done – who has burnt the maximum calories in a week, who has covered a longer distance in a jog, etc.


  1. Who is your greatest inspiration in life and why?

People close to me:

Dad – has been practicing Krishnamacharya yogasana for the past 25 years

Grandma – a professor in yoga school, diligently practices exercise and meditation daily without a break

Mom – manages so well between home tasks, work life and her own well-being. She has her own personal yoga trainer from whom she seeks regular guidance.


A celebrity inspiration – Deepika Padukone and Jennifer Aniston – I mean common, how can they be sooo fit ALL the time 😮


  1. If you had a soundtrack to your life what exactly would it be? 🙂


“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth” – Happy by Pharrel Williams


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