You’d rather emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of your workout routines than aping a Circus Clown, right? That is why when juggling is listed as one of the potent alternative workout regimes alongside cycling, mountaineering, kayaking, etc. it often draws frowns and smirks. If juggling indeed can be proven to be a workout technique then the fact that it’s easy, portable, cheap and entertaining would only add to its charm. There are a lot of benefits to be had by using juggling as a part of your routine:

  1. Body Posture:

     Professionals of the 21st century are universally subjected to the fate of stooping over computer screens for most parts of the day. As a result the back, neck and knuckles get sore and get habituated to assuming unhealthy postures. Juggling requires you to orient your back, neck and knuckles in such a way that they get oiled up thanks to a controlled and disciplined usage of them. Also assuming a relaxed, straight and proper posture is the only way to keep juggling well and that puts your back in the habit of maintaining a healthy posture.

  1. Improve motion of hands:

     As the old adage goes: Use it or lose it! The arms, the shoulders and the fingers are supposed to move with great dexterity and swiftness while juggling. This makes sure that the professional’s arms which are used to a very limited range of motion are exposed to a wider range of motion. This helps improve efficiency of work done with hands.

  1. Brain Power:

     Research suggests that juggling is known to benefit the brain in all kinds of ways from increasing the amount of gray matter in the brain to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, the intense focus involved in the act of juggling aids in improving your concentration and problem-solving skills which are the currencies of a professional’s work-life. It greatly improves hand-eye co-ordination as well as brain-hand co-ordination which may not be directly related to the work-life of a professional but surely are important factors in doing well in other fitness regimes.

  1. Stress-Relief:

     Yes, it has that much needed added relief of going a long way in relieving the stress levels of the juggler. Because you are so busy in handling the stuff you are juggling, you forget everything else and get totally absorbed in the moment which is the very mantra for stress-relief. Over a period of months, this habit spreads to other activities throughout the day.

  1. De-Addiction:

     Juggling serves as a very good distraction if you want to take your mind off things. Addicts often complain about how when a craving hits, they are unable to take their minds off it. Be it cigarette-smoking or binge-eating, if you are sincerely trying to resist a craving, you can try juggling as a way to distract you from the urge to give in to your craving.


     Now that you know that juggling has a lot of benefits among which a few are explained above, would you like to take up juggling as your workout alternative and do something different from the lot?

     Did we mention you can show off your juggling skills to your office colleagues? (wink)

What do you think?