Deepak Krishnamurthy is a loyal soldier of the TESCO ranks. he joined the firm straight out of college and has been working with TESCO for ten straight years. He is passionate about his job and enjoys his time in office .. A foodie at heart, his love for culinary delights, combined with a penchant for Micro Blogging  and an absence of exercise after his 3rd year in TESCO, pushed his weight past a hundred kgs.  He draws a very colourful analogy of his weight journey by comparing his weight to FM radio stations. In his own words, he weighed a 101.2 kgs(The Rainbow FM Station frequency), currently sits at 90.3 kgs and aims to go beyond the FM coverage band at 79 kgs. Read on to know more about this amazing individual.

  1. Tell us more about yourself.

I love travelling, checking out new places and seeing local cultures and cuisine .

  1. What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you posess?

Drinking water regularly, using every opportunity to walk during the office time.

  1. If you really had to look up to someone at work for his/her wellness ideas and how well they can pursue it, who would you name and why?

Balaji Rajagopalan, He is more disciplined than I am.

  1. What in your opinion is a perfect kind of lifestyle?

Balance between enjoying and eating healthy.

  1. What does work life balance mean to you? Your interests beyond work and how do you find time to pursue them? What is the typical kind of stressbuster for you?

Work-life balance is everything, one needs the family to work at the office to achieve  and should reciprocate the same support to the family .

Family is a crucial place to retrospect on ones life .The feedback and opinions received by the family has a huge impact on shaping attitudes.

My interests are watching Football, a bit of gardening, and Travelling.

My typical stress buster is gardening, the joy of cleaning all the weeds out of the pots is unparalleled.

  1. Who is your greatest inspiration in life and why?

 Lance Armstrong, for having the courage to comeback from cancer and acknowledging his mistake. Also, Joyce Meyer . I am amazed that at the age of 73 she is so active and has got great attitude and approach towards life.

  1. How is helping you handle all your health goals? We’d love to hear a few nice words from you about🙂

I like that Zoojoobe helps me to stay on track with my habit, I am a challenge driven individual and to be the part of  a challenge, drives me. Leaderboard and Challenge board helps a lot.

I love the fact that there is so much help on offer.

  1. What is that one hobby that you really enjoy doing? Have you missed it dearly or do you actively do it everyday?

Eating Fruits. I never used to enjoy fruits before. However, now I can safely conclude if you keep biriyani and fruits in front of me  I’ll choose fruits before I choose biriyani.

I am on track so far. I have done it on every day of this week so far. Some weeks are a bit harder but I always get back to the routine.


  1. 2016 seems to be a year of great lifestyle changes for you! What gives you the push to do the things that sometimes maybe difficult for you?

I had a slip disc  at the beginning of the year, which was a real eye opener, but by God’s grace and help from the family, I recovered.
Since then, I changed my attitude towards fitness and eating food.

After I lost a few kilos, I saw an immediate relief from the horrible back pain and persistent cramping of the calf muscles, due to the slip disc .

I pursued it further by changing my eating habits and being more active . Today I am happy to be walking around without having to wear a belt around my waist.

  1. Do you have a personal goal that motivates you to get fitter? Like improving your stamina for going on a trek? Or having a flat belly? 😀

 I love the fact that being fitter helps me to take care of situations better.  Both at work and at home.

I am not a runner but my goal is to be 80 kgs by  April 2017 and probably finish a 5k marathon.

  1. If we asked you to motivate one person to be more healthier/fitter what exactly would you tell him/her?

 I would just tell them how being fit helps in overcoming the impossible things in life

Physical fitness helps in driving mental energy.

  1. Do you have a favorite quote or saying that is always on your mind?

 God will help me through this.

  1. What’s your favourite comfort food/ holiday destination?

 Comfort food : Full plate South Indian meal

Holiday Destination : Goa – I just love how your mind transforms once you land there, Every thing becomes better (even with blazing heat at times: P)

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