Not everyone who manages a home has the support of an army of housekeepers. While doing household chores may seem like something that invites procrastination, for homemakers they can be the perfect exercise routine. Yes, it sounds weird, how can doing the dishes and vacuuming the floor give me the perfect bod? As much as the gym next door advertises pumping weights, doing household chores effectively can give you the perfect routine to tone your body.

Although it would be wise to note that you cannot give up your exercise routine completely in favour of doing household chores. Having said that, however, they do give you ample opportunities to work up a decent sweat and workout different muscle groups.

Here are a few household chores that can become a great workout for you:

Take the stairs

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This can hardly be stressed enough! Taking the stairs on a regular basis will not only be a wonderful exercise it is also essential for many daily tasks. Be it at home or at work, try and make it a point to take the stairs. It might not be a great idea to take the stairs and arrive sweaty and late for a meeting, but plan your time accordingly. Take the stairs as many times as you can without making it too difficult for your body. If you need to do it once, don’t be shy to do it twice. Even if you are using a stepladder, it’d be a good idea to step-up and down a few times.

Vacuum lunges

Arguably one of the most boring tasks ever devised, these sessions could work amazingly for your lower body. Every time to you set up to vacuum make sure you are in the correct position to do a lunge. Alternate your hands with every lunge to make sure you have a clean home along with a taut lower body, all at the same time. Always make sure that your knees are in line with your ankles to make sure you are getting the most effective exercise. This exercise will work beautifully on your thighs, buttocks and hamstrings. Effectively strengthening your entire lower body.

Pick-up squats

If you are the kind of slob that leaves a lot of things lying around on the floor, or if you have a roommate that is one, or, if you have a toddler around the house, your exercise routine is sorted! Every time you bend down to pick something up, squat instead. Make sure your back is straight and bend from the knees, every time you do it, hold for at least 10 seconds. This exercise works on strengthening your whole body and also works superbly to toughen your bones, tendons, and ligaments. So the next time you see a mess on the floor, think of it as a perfect way to get some much needed lower body workout.

Fold for your shoulders

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Laundry day is a dread among single professionals everywhere. The sheer quantity of clothes that need to be folded would thwart the spirits of even the most hardened of housekeepers. While folding the clothes make sure that you hold your hands out straight from your shoulder. Keep them at a ninety degree angle to get the most amount of burn on your shoulders and triceps. Always make sure that you keep your back straight while doing this.

Take a stick to it

If you need to dust a rug or a cushion, try not to be too coy about it. Take a stick, prop the cushion or rug in a stable position and go at it with the fury of god. Do not let your enthusiasm take over in the process and get you a bruise or two, make sure that your swings are measured for impact. This is a great exercise to tone your biceps and triceps and gives your arms a great workout.

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