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fresh mama

Webinar: How to Stay Fresh and Active Throughout the Day

Watch the webinar recording here

Desktop Group Activity: Techniques to Overcome Anxiety

Watch this recording and learn how to reduce your anxiety levels easily

Desktop Group Activity: Tapping Method to Improve Focus

Want to improve your focus and work smarter? Try these simple techniques

Easy Techniques to Boost Confidence

Watch this desktop group activity and learn simple techniques that help boost your confidence

Webinar: Simple Ways to Eat Healthy Everyday

Watch this webinar and eat healthy every day

Desktop Group Activity: Easy Stretches for Quick Stress Relief

Watch this webinar recording and practice these simple stretches to de-stress
work women

Work Life Balance for Working Women

Celebrating the spirit of women this International Women's Day

World Health Day Special: Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Watch this recording and make healthy changes to your lifestyle today

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