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back pain

Simple Desktop Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Practice these simple exercises in the video to get a relief from your back pain.

Easy Ways to Maintain Weight And Feel Your Best During The Festive Season

Watch this webinar session for simple ways to stay healthy during the festive season.

Eye Care for Working Professionals

Learn how to give your eyes the care they need with Dr Menka Kundnani, in this webinar recording on how to maintain good eye health.

Quick Hand And Wrist Exercises

Watch this webinar recording for quick and easy hand and wrist exercises.
woman with pain

Online Group Activity – Neck Exercises

Give your neck the relief it needs with these simple exercises that can be done at your desk.
food mama

Foods That Beat Stress

There are many foods out there which are not only amazing for your body, but also have a highly desirable effect on your mind, brain functions as well as mood. Watch the webinar recording here.

Simple Eye Exercises

Watch this video for some simple exercises to combat your eye strain, feel better and refreshed.

Desktop Exercises For Working Professionals

Watch this webinar to learn some quick desktop exercises and stretches to keep your body relaxed throughout the day.

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